Wordless Wednesday: Back in NZ!

Following three months of traveling, we finally returned to New Zealand 1.5 weeks ago. We have been (and will be for the coming days (or weeks?)) busy finding a house, car, furniture and more, but to keep our and Maria’s sanity we have also been on various playground and coffee outings. Hope you’ll enjoy these snapshots and little stories!

Back in New Zealand, and not yet recovered from our jet lag. So because of the 3 a.m. wake up, we went for coffee at 8 while planning our first day back.

We thought we could just quickly grab some stuff from our storage, such as Maria’s high chair and my cooking spices. No way!

Some houses, such as this gem overlooking the river, looked too good to be true.

They were… We can’t possibly make this Maria’s (or our guest) bedroom!

Time for a break! It was Saturday anyway, so not many new houses to view.


Another weekend activity: buying a car

Back at Playcentre!

Valentine’s coffee

Maria’s wasn’t so excited about her first “fluffy”.

When your 1-year-old has no fear of slides this high…

Happy Valentine’s!


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