September Tidy Up Challenge: Evaluation

I don’t think of myself as a messy person, and I am definitely not a hoarder, but I am astonished at the amount of junk stuff we gathered in our small two-bedroom apartment over the past 20 months. If you think about it, we arrived to New Zealand with only two big and two small suitcases; somehow, the amount has grown into an apartment filled to the brim. (Okay, that might be a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea.)

Still some unfinished business here...

Still some unfinished business here…

As we are going to be out of the country for three months and want to move to a bigger place anyway (so we can hoard more junk!), we decided to move out of our apartment next month and store our belongings until we come back. A good moment to go through them and see what can be thrown out/given away.

Following one month of tidying up, my sad conclusion is that the apartment doesn’t look much more organised. However, to say that this tidy up challenge was a total failure goes a bit too far. Even Ahmed, who was skeptical of my efforts, said I had made some progress (though much remains to be done). I threw out quite a bit of junk and organised several cupboards. Here are my achievements:

  • I almost emptied Ahmed’s desk, which was mostly full with my stuff;
  • I cleaned Maria’s closet;
  • I went through my clothes and got rid of some old ones;
  • I organised all my important papers and unopened mail;
  • I went over our kitchen stuff and put the things I don’t want to keep aside (They are still on the counter, waiting for me to take them to a second-hand store.);
  • I finally recycled the food processor that I burnt nearly a year ago.
This desk was totally cleared at some point!

This desk was totally cleared at some point! (I admit, most of it is my stuff.)

There are so many things I am still working on or want to give away when we get closer to our move out date. I am trying to be mindful when I go grocery shopping, making sure I don’t buy lots of things we won’t be able to finish before we leave. I’m also trying to finish some cosmetics, such as perfume and soaps – every little thing I don’t need to pack is a small victory!

A work in progress

A work in progress

Stuff on the kitchen counter waiting to be taken out

Stuff on the kitchen counter waiting to be taken out (and I need to get rid of my jar collection as well!)

No matter how much tidying up I do, I know moving out is stressful, and we are certainly going to realize that we have more stuff than we thought we had. However, once it’s done we will feel so much lighter, knowing that we won’t have to worry about paying rent, electricity and internet when we are away. The only remaining worry is finding a new place when we come back as well as moving everything back in.


Where to begin??


6 thoughts on “September Tidy Up Challenge: Evaluation

    • selmaroth says:

      Jaaaa! Sharp eye! Ik gebruikte hem nog af en toe met m’n Nederlandse simkaart erin, voornamelijk voor internetbankieren. Nu mijn simkaart verlopen is gebruikt Ahmed hem voor zijn Saoedische nummer. Die goeie ouwe telefoons gaan toch een stuk langer mee dan die van tegenwoordig. 😉

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