October Photography Challenge

Next month we will start our three-month-long trip that will take us to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. A perfect time to get out my camera, try new things and capture beautiful moments. However, I decided to work on my photography skills before we embark on this journey. Why? There are two main reasons.

First of all, I want to try some new things and revive my photography passion before we travel, so by the time we are on the road I am more familiar with my camera.

Second and more importantly, I think it won’t be hard to remember to take photos when we are on holiday and in new places. However, I want to have visual memories of our life here in Hamilton, New Zealand, as well. I want to capture our daily routine and activities. Having a toddler has made me so much more aware of how quickly time passes by. Maria changes so rapidly, and the sweet things she does and says now will be forgotten tomorrow if we don’t record them. While it is impossible to capture everything, I can at least do my best to shoot some of those precious moments.

My Photography Challenge Rules

Photographing a cup of coffee in Raglan, February 2015

Photographing a cup of coffee in Raglan, February 2015

Basically, the only rule in this month’s challenge is to take at least one photo a day, but more is fine as well. I will try to capture the day-to-day stuff: a meal I made, Maria playing in the playground, a beautiful flower or tree… Although I will try to make as many photos with my camera (a Nikon D5100) phone photos are okay as well. I will upload the 31 photos I made on the blog in my “Evaluation” post next month.

Question: Do you have any photography tips for me?

P.S. Stay tuned for my September Tidy Up Challenge Evaluation post and a new Life With My Toddler update!


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