August Blog Promotion Challenge: Evaluation

Last month’s challenge was all about promoting my blog. Here, on Twitter, Instagram, you name it… The reason I chose this challenge was mainly to work on my marketing/promotion skills. I know this is not my strongest suit, so any practice is welcome and may help me in future projects.

Blog Promotion Month: How did I do?

The short answer is that I didn’t do very well. I didn’t reach any of the numbers I had hoped to achieve and in many cases didn’t even get close to my goal. So what were the reasons I failed this challenge?

  • While I posted new blogs quite regularly, I did not really make enough efforts to promote them. I would Tweet about the new post once and post the link on Facebook, but that was about it;
  • I posted a photo on Instagram only twice during the entire month! How can I then expect to get new followers?
  • My goal had been to comment 20 times on other blogs. I ended up writing 1 comment. Kinda sad, right?
  • I did not create a Facebook page for my blog, as I had planned to do;
  • In total, I spent a little over nine hours on my blog during the whole month. Not that much if you want to grow as a blogger.

Blog Promotion Month: What went well?

Despite my inability to obtain the amount of traffic I was hoping for, there are a few things that went well. Here they are:

  • The number of visitors and page views grew as compared to the previous four months. They even doubled as compared to July;
  • I promoted my blog on a couple of Facebook pages, and this increased the number of people visiting my blog;
  • I started a WordPress Blogging University two-week course on Branding and Growth, but didn’t finish it. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it in the near future.

Something frustrating I experienced when I went from a URL to a self-hosted site is that I lost a lot of readers, and I often still get more traffic on my old site than on the new one, although I haven’t posted new content on it anymore. Has anyone gone through this as well? Any tips on how to keep your followers when moving to a self-hosted site? Any other blog promotion tips are welcome as well!


5 thoughts on “August Blog Promotion Challenge: Evaluation

  1. Ahmed says:

    Little by little, you’ll get there. Consistency is key.
    Maybe this challenge can be repeated in a couple of months (not during summer holiday)

  2. Rebekah says:

    You have great goals, Selma! Growing a blog is hard work.
    Two of my favorite FB support groups are Mommy Blogger Like Swap and Naptime Nation. You’ll find lots of information in both groups and if you have any questions thereis always someone who will try to help.:)

    • selmaroth says:

      Thanks for the tips! I couldn’t find the Mommy Blogger Like Swap but joined the Naptime Nation FB group. And yeah, I probably need to get WP redirect readers to this site. 🙂

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