September Challenge: Tidy Up Time!

I realize that we already passed the half-way mark of the month when I finally get to write my September Challenge: Tidy Up Time! post (and I haven’t even written my August Challenge evaluation yet). Excusez-moi for the delay…

Somehow, September always feels like a new beginning. In most parts of the world, it’s the beginning of a new school and financial year. While in New Zealand the school year starts in February, we enjoy the beginning of spring this month.

Reasons enough to do some spring cleaning and tidy up the home! So I decided that this month I am going to go through all cupboards, drawers and hidden corners to get our apartment tidy again, ’cause believe it or not, even though we have been living here for less than two years, we have already accumulated quite a bit of mess throughout this time. (Extra motive for me to tidy up is our upcoming long trip back to our countries, during which we will move out of our apartment, store our stuff somewhere and, once back, move it to a new place. Exciting, but a little daunting as well!)

To be honest, I haven’t set myself any hard-core SMART goals. So whether or not this month’s challenge will be a success is highly subjective and may depend on who you’re asking – in other words, I may call it a success already, but Ahmed is highly skeptical of my efforts!


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