Easy daily habits for a healthier life

If you were given the choice between walking to the grocery store and carrying your bags back home by yourself, or ordering your groceries online and having them delivered on your doorstep – what would you choose? 

Time restraints may make the latter the only possibility, but oftentimes we choose the convenient option without thinking how our choice may influence our health. Recently, a British doctor urged people to walk to the supermarket and carry their own bags to boost basic fitness. We all know that small daily habits – taking the stairs, hopping off the bus a stop earlier, parking the car two blocks away – can help you stay fit and perhaps lose a few pounds, but what about the following choices:

  • Coffee vs. green tea;
  • Ordering a meal ahead vs. choosing something on the spot;
  • Sitting down for lunch vs. taking a walk during your break.

I found the answers to these and wrote about it in my latest Saudi Gazette article. What other easy habits can you think of to improve your health?

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