Wordless Wednesday: Visit to Auckland Zoo

The first time we took Maria to the zoo she had just turned 1. She wasn’t overly impressed by the giraffes, monkeys or even the tigers. A visit to the local grocery store would have been just as excited – if not more! – as the zoo for her.

The second time was different: She was about 15.5 months when we went, and despite the dreary weather she just loved it! The whooping monkeys made her roar with laughter. She couldn’t get enough of it.

So when we were thinking about renting a car for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and going on a trip, I proposed a visit to Auckland Zoo. (We had only been to the zoo in Hamilton so far.) Ignoring the stormy weather forecast, we headed to Auckland Zoo to see the elephants, native birds (finally seen a Kiwi for real!), lions, and many more. Maria had a blast, especially when she got to chase the chickens, rooster and chicks that were walking around freely.

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-2

Chasing the rooster

Chasing the rooster

Watching giraffes

Watching giraffes

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-5

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-6

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-7

Watching the elephants

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-8

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-9

Fun walking round and round

Fun walking round and round under a tree log

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-11

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-15

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-12

Who’s afraid of the tiger?

Wordless Wednesday - Auckland Zoo-13

Finishing the day in the playground

Finishing the day in the playground


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