August Challenge: Blog Promotion Month

This month I’m going big! And by big, I mean that for my August challenge I decided to do something that scares me a little. (Ok, a lot.) Something I am not so convinced of my ability to actually achieve it. A fun challenge that could be hugely satisfying if I succeeded…

It is the second time this year I am doing a very challenging challenge. The first one was last month: July’s challenge was all-encompassing and a little daunting. Life changing, if you wish. About that challenge I will soon write another post. Let’s now go back to my August challenge.

Because this month, I have set myself to increasing the number of people I reach with this blog. I have done a blog challenge before, but that time around I focused on the time I spent on my blog. That was easy; I could just spend 30 minutes a day working on practically anything and call it a success. This time, I will only be able to call my August challenge a success if I manage to obtain the numbers I have put myself to, and I have made sure to be quite ambitious!

Why do I want to promote my blog?

Of course it is fun if your blog gets seen and read, but this is not the main reason I decided to focus on this. What I mainly want to prove to myself is that I can promote whatever it is I am doing. Or, if I do not succeed, I hope to at least improve on this, because I know it is not my strength to promote my work. However, as it is an indispensable skill needed for anything I may undertake in the future, I figured it is very useful to give this a try.

Without further ado, here are the numbers I hope to achieve by the end of this month:

  • Visitors: 500
  • Views: 1,000
  • Instagram followers: 350 (up from 184)
  • Twitter followers: 400 (up from 208)
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Post 20 comments on other blogs

So let’s get started! There is a lot of work to do, I can tell you.

August Challenge

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