May Photo Book Challenge: Evaluation

Like many people, I like to take photos. And like many people, I have got thousands of photos, most of them stored on a hard disc, waiting for those spare moments that I take a look at them. In the pre-digital photo era, things were easier. You took a few dozens of photos, had them developed, put them in a book, and that was it! Things got complicated…

So in an attempt to change the fate of the forgotten photos I embarked on a photo book challenge: to capture the highlights and memorable moments of 2015 in a single 50-page photo book. (In addition, I made a pledge to myself that from now on, I would make two photo books every year: one for Maria and another one for Ahmed and me. I made an album of Maria’s first year in March/April.)

Photo book about Maria's first year

Photo book about Maria’s first year

So, now that the month is over, the question is:

How did the photo book challenge go?

I am glad to tell you that I finished and ordered my album last Tuesday (May 31) and received it three days later. But the challenge would not have been a challenge if there had been no challenges. 😉

There it is!

There it is!

It took me a good number of hours to complete the project. I haven’t actually measured how long I spent working on it, but it was quite a job. As it is impossible to do anything on a laptop with a 13-month-old toddler in the house, I had to do everything during nap time or in the evening.

I also wanted to edit all the photos I chose before adding them to the album, which I did using Lightroom. I like this program, but I don’t think it is a great editing tool. Perhaps I just don’t know it well enough, but it is not very user friendly in my opinion.

Photo Book Challenge 2015-2

So many pictures to choose from!

When I was about to finish the project on May 30 I discovered several tools in the program I had been using, such as the possibility to add various layers to a page and use a photograph in the background. Perfectionist as I am, I decided to update various pages to include these, which took me another evening.

Photo Book Challenge 2015-4

Updating several pages to have my own, customized background.

And, once I received the book, I opened it and noticed a couple of photos missing on one page! I wonder how that could have happened, but I double-checked and they were there when I ordered the book. So I’m now in the process of (hopefully) getting a new book. Fingers crossed all will be fine then.

Where are the other two photos on the left page?

Where are the other two photos on the left page?

Photo Book Challenge 2015-5


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