May Photo Yearbook Challenge + Cold Shower Evaluation

After careful deliberation (ahum) I decided to make this month’s challenge a practical one. No cold showers, new recipes, yoga practice or goals for the number of hours I should work on my blog (though I certainly hope to give this blog a little more attention this month).

Photo Yearbook Challenge-2

Recapping Maria’s first year with us

I had been thinking about making photo albums of all our great family memories for a while, and last summer I made a start by attempting to organize the hundreds of photos I had of last year. I also purchased two vouchers to make photo albums on Diamond Photo. I used one to make an album for Maria recapping her first year. For the other voucher, I planned to make a photo yearbook about 2015, but I have been postponing beginning with this project. However, as my voucher will only be valid until the end of May, I have to do it now or never! Oh well, putting a little pressure on myself to finish this job once and for all won’t hurt, right? And let’s not talk about all the other yearbooks and holiday photo albums I am hoping to make some day

Photo Yearbook Challenge-3

Cold Shower Evaluation

Last month I challenged myself to take cold showers. A quick search on Google reveals that taking cold showers has numerous health benefits, including stimulating muscle recovery, healthier skin and hair, and increasing alertness.

Following a month (or to be precise, more than three months) of taking cold showers, I can’t really attest to all the health claims I found online. Do I feel more alert? Hard to say. Are my skin and hair healthier? Pfff… Does the cold water help my muscles to recover more quickly? Who knows.

Two things I did notice is that cold showers really refresh me and, after the initial shivering, feel pretty good. My second observation is that they sometimes leave me feel really cold. I thought the blood circulation boost cold showers supposedly give would leave me feel warm, but that wasn’t the case.

On the first day of May, I took my first warm water shower. Sure enough, it was a lot easier to hop into the shower, but after a while I missed the cold, refreshing water. So by the end of the shower I turned the tap and enjoyed the cold-water kick. I am now thinking to keep taking cold showers for as long as I can, but with rain and winter around the corner I wonder how long that will be.

Have you ever taken cold showers? Did you like them?

Do you usually make holiday photo books or yearbooks? Any tips?

Photo Yearbook Challenge-4


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