My Baby’s First Birthday!

Mixed thoughts raced up and down my mind as my little girl turned one on Monday, April 11. Where had the time gone? Trite as it may sound, it felt like yesterday that we had first held her into our arms. The countless hours we had spent trying to rock her to sleep or carrying her with us in the Snuggle Bug wrap had already become a nostalgic memory.

One year ago

One year ago

A year has flown by but somewhere in that flight Maria changed from a floppy newborn baby into a funny little girl who chatters along, claps her hands, crawls, cruises along, and is able to do so much more than the day we first met her.

Maria's First Birthday-17

We spent Maria’s actual birthday with only my parents around, who had just arrived to New Zealand the day before. A Russian friend of mine and her just-turned-one little boy passed by for tea and cake as well, but the big celebration of Maria’s first birthday took place six days later.

Maria's First Birthday-12

Even so, Maria got spoiled with presents from Opa and Oma, aunties, friends of mine, friends of my parents – even a client at my mom’s work bought her a cute denim dress.

Little spoiled girl

Little spoiled girl

Maria's First Birthday-2

Sugar-free baby cake (Maria preferred the other cake, though!)

Alternative, more healthful cake for the babies (Maria preferred the other cake, though!)

Maria's First Birthday-19

Maria's First Birthday-20

Maria's First Birthday-21

The Sunday after we had a bigger celebration for Maria’s friends and their mothers, as well as some other family friends. Needless to say, Maria got even more presents that day. While initially, she felt a bit overwhelmed by all the attention she got, she seemed to enjoy the party, especially when she discovered the table with food! Nachos, capsicum, crackers, pineapple, grapes – she couldn’t stop eating and it won’t surprise me if she appears on most photos with her mouth full! She should probably not be eating all that salty stuff, I thought, but then I realized she was a big girl now and allowed to eat everything (albeit with moderation).

Maria's First Birthday-1

More presents

More presents

Maria's First Birthday-5

Maria's First Birthday-6

Singing for the birthday girl

Singing for the birthday girl

Maria's First Birthday-8



Despite having had a good, nearly two-hour nap, that evening Maria was exhausted, and so were we. But I think her first birthday was a success and a memory that will last – at least for us it will.

Happy birthday girl

Happy birthday girl

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