Training Update: A New ParkRun PB

Could it be the colder weather? Or the start of a new running season with weekly interval sessions? Whatever the reason(s), I picked up my running again in the last few weeks. And while I am doing so, I notice something interesting.

Running Training Update

Training Update-1

Following a much needed summer break, I slowly began to miss going out for a run more regularly. Making sure to not get carried away, I decided to forgo rigid training schedules and just see how it goes day by day. That said, as my mileage increased and my club’s new winter season took off, I couldn’t help but start thinking about races, goals, and PBs. Ahmed and I have been going to the local ParkRun every Saturday morning, and although I usually run those with the stroller, I began to make a little more effort to improve my ParkRun stroller PB, a whole new category I invented myself (and no one takes note of, apart from myself).

My smallest and biggest supporter

My smallest and biggest supporter

Last week, my parents arrived for Maria’s first birthday (about which soon more), and their presence means I can go out for a run without the stroller more often. During last Saturday’s 5K, I beat my ParkRun PB with a time of 20:18 minutes, 31 seconds slower than my overall Personal Record but 23 seconds faster than my previous ParRun PB. I felt good and really look forward to improving my forms in the weeks to come.

ParkRun finish

ParkRun finish

Training Update-3

On the other hand, as I increased my mileage I felt a drop in my energy levels, leaving me with the dilemma whether it is all worth it. As always, the key I believe is finding a balance between training and recovery, setting goals and not taking them (and myself) too seriously, spending time and energy for my runs as well as being a good mother and partner. And, most of all, remember to have fun while running!

Training Update-8

Yoga Training Update

After more than 100 days of practicing yoga every single day I broke my streak on Maria’s birthday (April 11). And since then I haven’t practiced much, though I try to do a little every day. I’m just too busy catching up with my parents! Every now and then I do a little in the morning or evening, but more often than not I go straight to bed after having evening tea. Other than this, there’s not much news: still some nagging in the hips and knees, but nothing serious it seems. And my hips remain stiffer than I’d like them to be, but I keep telling myself they will open up with time.

Training Update-6

Training Update-7

Photo credits: Petri van Beuzekom


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