We have moved!

Yes, that’s right: After having lived here for a while we thought it was time for an upgrade. Something bigger, more personal, a place we can build a future. It was time for a move.

To be clear, I am talking about this blog. (You didn’t think I moved to a bigger house or even another country, did you?) What once started as a way to share my experiences living and working in Saudi Arabia (hence the name Ashufik, Arabic for I See You) has increasingly become a place where I share my passion for running, fitness and health in general. At the same time, I post about my life in New Zealand and as a mother of an incredibly sweet girl, who was born nearly a year ago!

While getting everything up and running on this new domain will take a little while, I already moved all my old posts, worked on the layout and fixed some photo issues. At the moment, I am changing all the links in the old posts (which would otherwise take you back to the old website). It’s a pain, I can tell you, but hopefully worth the effort.

The name of this new blog, Run Recover Relax, doesn’t need much explanation. I love running and hope to continue my passion for a long time to come, but throughout the last year or so I increasingly became aware of how important it is to recover properly and relax from time to time. After all, my ultimate goal in running is to become a fitter, healthier and happier person rather than just smashing PBs. If you have the same goal but struggle balancing workouts and healthy living with other obligations – work, being a parent/spouse/friend, keeping the house tidy, other hobbies, etcetera – I hope you will find some inspiration here.

Important Note

If you followed me on WordPress, you won’t get updates of new posts anymore. If you wish to continue following me you can subscribe to my blog by email. There is a sign up button on the right top side of this page.

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