Training Update: Baby steps forward

I hope everyone has had a beautiful Easter weekend. We had some quiet and nice days that included lots of walks and time at the playground, cups of coffee and lunch in cozy cafés, plenty of sun, not as much sleep as we wished, and, needless to say, several yoga sessions and runs.

Speaking of the latter two, my last training update is from over a month ago, so let’s see what happened after that.

Running Training Update

Training update - baby steps forward

Earlier this year, my motivation to go out for a run hit rock bottom. I am not sure whether it was physical, mental, or both, but I didn’t want to go out for a run at all. I thought taking it slower for a couple of weeks would help bring back my passion, but to my own surprise I didn’t miss running at all.

Somehow, in the last month or so I started to miss my trainings, the feeling during a race when you know you are running a new PB, stepping into the shower after a vigorous interval run. I also got a little frustrated whenever I ran a ParkRun and couldn’t even get close to my PB, although I kept telling myself that setting new bests is not in my 2016 goal list.

So, have I gone back to full-speed trainings? Not quite so: In March, I have been running about as much as in February, meaning anywhere between 20 and 40 kilometers. I continue trying to go with the flow and not stick to a rigorous program. If I feel good and in the mood for a run I go; if not I stay home and try not to feel bad or guilty about it. Is it working? That depends on the benchmark you measure it against. It is working for me in the sense that I enjoy running much more now than a couple of months ago and I have enough energy to do other things as well. On the other hand, it remains difficult to see my times increasing and paces decreasing, knowing that it may take a long time to get anywhere near my November 2015 level.

Yoga Training Update

Fortunately, progress is not totally absent in my yoga trainings. While they are not more than baby steps, I do notice getting a little stronger and more flexible each week. It is enough to keep me going. About a week or two ago I finished my Yoga Fix 90 – a 90-day yoga challenge by Lesley Fightmaster. I looked forward to completing it but felt more sad than happy once I did. I have continued practicing yoga daily – from 15-minute stretches to full 1.5 hour sessions with my yoga friend – and hope to continue doing so the whole year, but without putting too much pressure of course!

In the weeks to come, I am hoping to get some more quality in my runs and focus on stretching in yoga. That certainly won’t happen if our little one keeps waking up every day at 5 a.m., but one can dream, right?

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