February challenge: evaluation

I already wrote about this month’s challenge, which I am very excited about and you can read more about here, so now let’s quickly evaluate the challenge I did in February.

My challenge that month was to work on my blog every single day for 30 minutes and before I go into detail I have to get something out of my chest: I failed. I skipped no less than three days. The main reason for this was Maria’s illness, which led to numerous hours in the doctor’s waiting room. That said, on most days I spent well over 30 minutes, resulting in an average of 37 minutes per day. So all in all, not so bad, right?

What did I do during those 30 days?

While I spent more time writing new posts, I also read a lot about blogging, SEO, and how to transfer a blog to a self-hosted address. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do the latter, but I am hoping to do this in the coming month(s).

Beforehand, I had in mind to make several changes to my blog and spend more time making photos and editing them. While I made a few small changes (such as an updated About page) I haven’t really worked on my photography skills. I also didn’t write more posts than I usually do, which made me realize how much time it takes to create new posts. I figured that if I wanted to improve my blog I should take at least half an hour each day to work on it, if not much more.

On the other hand, I really liked committing myself to do something for my blog every day. I often found it easier to write a new post over the course of several days rather than taking several hours once or twice a week to update my blog.

With regards to transferring my blog to a self-hosted site, I found out I cannot use the name “Mommy on the Run” for the URL, so I am still looking for a suitable name. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would love to hear them! I am looking for a name that reflects what this blog is about: life as a mom, health and fitness, as well as travel.

Now I’m off for a run, but I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas!


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