Life lately: A sick baby, visitors and the end of summer?

Three weeks ago, Maria got her first fever. Seeing our little baby so lethargic and in pain was a humbling experience, and the worst was that we didn’t know exactly what was hurting her. She didn’t vomit, no diarrhoea and didn’t have a cold – the only physical indication was a high fever.

Fortunately, after four days of fever and a visit to the doctor’s clinic her temperature started to go down. About the same time, she developed a rash all over her skin, and a quick search on the Internet made me conclude that she had roseola, a common childhood disease that apparently most children go through (with or without symptoms) at some point. The rash gradually disappeared and we moved on, presuming that all was fine now.

Life lately-5

After four days of fever, Maria developed a light rash all over her skin.

When I took Maria out of bed last week to go to the Parkrun I noticed she felt hot. However, she was as happy as usual, so I didn’t think much of it and participated in the run. As we came home she looked unwell and we took her temperature: It was over 39 degrees Celsius. We gave her a painkiller and did the same the following day, but this time it didn’t take her temperature down. So we went to the emergency clinic and had her checked. All appeared well and we returned home with the message that it must be another virus and the advice to keep giving her paracetamol and trying to get her temperature down by giving her a lukewarm bath or sponging her body with a flannel.

Every day, I thought – or hoped – Maria was getting a bit better, but in reality she was still feeling awful. At times, her temperature went down, but at other times it increased to over 40 degrees. On Wednesday we decided to take her back to the emergency clinic. At that point her temperature was fine and so we were not an urgent case anymore, which meant we had to wait for hours to see the doctor. Fortunately, he did take our case serious and following some blood and urine tests we found out that the fever was caused by a urinary tract infection.

Life lately-2

A sick Maria

Maria is now on antibiotics and already looks much happier. We, for our part, are so relieved we found out what caused the fever and that she is feeling better. The only question remaining is how she got this. I have always been worried she is not getting enough fluids, but there could be other reasons as well. After the weekend we will follow up with her regular GP to see if she wants to do any additional tests to see if there is a problem with her kidneys.

In other news, we are enjoying welcoming some visitors from abroad this summer. Earlier this month, we went out with a couple and their daughter we knew from when we lived in Jeddah. Last Tuesday, we met a university friend of mine and her partner, and yesterday a common friend we met way back in 2005 in Spain with his partner arrived in Hamilton. One of the things I missed most when living in Saudi Arabia was that no one could come visit me, so it is great to be able to receive visitors from overseas.

Life lately-3

Having friends coming over from the Netherlands

When Ahmed finished his first year at uni a week before Christmas, his summer vacation looked like an eternity. But, as Nelly Furtado already realized, All good things come to an end, and so did this endless summer. Ahmed is starting his second year on Monday and the list of assignments, tests and papers is what appears endless now. Though the days are becoming shorter and we’ve had some “cold” and rainy days lately, we’re still in the middle of summer and enjoying the outdoor life as well as having the windows open 24/7 (except when there is a lot of noise from the street at night during the weekend).

Life lately-1

And more friends!

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