Life with my baby – 10 months

Cramming an entire month into a single blog post isn’t easy, especially when it concerns a baby and life with her. All those clichés about how fast the months (and the years as well, I suspect) fly by are true. It scares us a little, because we enjoy all the moments with Maria so much. We often wish we could freeze time.

Life With Baby 10 Months-10

It is even more difficult to remember all the new learnt skills and gestures, the activities we did, and the funny or moving moments we had when your mind is occupied with something else: illness.

A week ago, we noticed that Maria was a little different: clingier, quiet, less playful. I didn’t think much of it, although the thought that it might be teething crossed my mind.

Life With Baby 10 Months-4

Blueberry picking at a nearby farm

The following day and despite a good night’s sleep, she was still weepy and I thought she felt a little warm. Again, I blamed it on teething, although she hadn’t really had any of those symptoms with the seven teeth that had already come up.

In the late afternoon, we took her temperature and were shocked to see the thermometer rise above 38 degrees. But apart from the fever and her different behavior, Maria didn’t show any other signs of illness.

Life With Baby 10 Months-2

On Saturday, the fever got up to above 39 degrees and we decided to give Maria some ibuprofen, which got her temperature down and cheered her a little up almost immediately. We did the same on Sunday.

As the fever had still not gone on Monday, we decided to take her to the doctor. She was more cheerful again at that stage, but we weren’t sure whether it was the medicine or that she was getting better. The doctor concluded it was most likely a viral infection and there was nothing we could do, apart from giving her a painkiller.

Life With Baby 10 Months-5

Going for a swim

Fortunately, Maria’s temperature stayed down on Monday and things appeared to get back to normal when I saw a light rash on her cheeks. I had heard about Roseola before and the thought she might have it had crossed my mind when she was so sick, but the doctor hadn’t mentioned it and I hadn’t give it a second thought. Seeing the rash, which spread to her arms, back and tummy, made me realize it most likely was Roseola.

Life With Baby 10 Months-6

Chilling on the balcony

While writing this, the rash seems to have passed its worst point, but has not completely faded yet. Maria, on the other hand, appears to feel much better, although she is still very emotional, clingy, and not eating well. We are giving her lots of cuddles and kisses in the hope she will be her cheerful self again soon.

In other news, Maria has two new teeth, bringing the total to seven: four upper and three lower teeth. She keeps pulling herself up on everything, her crawling pace has increased, her babble is developing, we went on a beach trip together, and she loves music – as soon as she hears a beat she starts moving her bum! And, Maria finally learnt to sit up.

Life With Baby 10 Months-8

Look, I can sit up!

P.S. One thing Maria hasn’t quite managed is a soft bum landing. When she is tired of standing up she either cries for our help to sit back down or performs a not so soft bum landing, which makes her cry as well.

P.P.S. Maria LOVES it when we imitate her, whether it is copying her babble or crawling with her. Her laughter when we copy her is to die for!

Life With Baby 10 Months-1

And I can stand up as well!

Life With Baby 10 Months-7


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