30 days of yoga

What if you did something this year to create a set of new, healthy, and positive habits? What if, rather than a long list of resolutions (that you most likely have already forgotten by now) you would divide your energy, time and focus to create new daily routines – one at a time?

Yoga Challenge-1

I am aware that the time it takes to form a new habit depends on its difficulty and not simply on doing it an x number of days. Getting yourself used to drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning may take less than 30 days, but incorporating a more challenging task into your daily life usually takes a lot longer. According to science, it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, but this number is not magical: The study referred to in the article by BrainPickings showed great variation according to the difficulty of the new habit.

That being said, I love 30-day challenges. I think they are a great way to try things out and see if they worth making the effort to turn them into new habits. I did this last year with a 30-day vegan challenge and plan to do the same this year with various fitness-/health-/happiness-related things.

To kick the year off, I decided to embark on a 30-day yoga challenge. In fact, I started in December with Lesley Fightmaster‘s Yoga Fix 90, 90 days of yoga videos of about 30 minutes each that combines stronger types of yoga – such as ashtanga, cardio and HIIT classes – with restorative days of stretching and meditation.

Yoga Challenge-2

At the beginning of the month, I will write about the new challenge I am embarking on. At the end, I will look back and report on the impact the change made in my life.

Several ideas I have for challenges are 30 days of eating without salt, 30 days of writing for half an hour, 30 days of doing something kind to a stranger, 30 days of eating without added sugars, 30 days of reading for at least half an hour, or 30 days of taking cold showers only. However, I would love to hear ideas you may have. Anything related to fitness, health, wellness or happiness is welcome, so please drop a line in the comment section with your suggestions.

Back to the yoga challenge. While I hope to get stronger and more flexible by practicing yoga daily, it is even more important for me to feel more relaxed and energized. I hope doing yoga will help me to live more mindfully and feel calmer. I doubt that 30 days of yoga can give me the desired results and am therefore planning to continue at least until I finish the Yoga Fix 90, but who knows what changes I might experience in just one month?

Yoga Challenge-3



8 thoughts on “30 days of yoga

  1. Ahmed says:

    30 days of getting at least 1 new follower to your blog per day. 30 new followers at the end of the challenge. If it works, next is 10 new followers per day. But start with the easy one.

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