Hitting the Reset Button

Four weeks have passed just like that: the blink of an eye, a mere heartbeat, a split second, or however you want to describe it. Four short weeks of having my parents here, supporting me, keeping me company, taking care of Maria, exploring the country with us in a road trip to Wellington. The moment they arrived I knew that what seemed like a long time would fly by. It did.

And as they left, it is time for me to hit the reset button: get back to doing yoga, strength workouts, cleaning the house, figuring out my goals for the new year that is about to begin…

Reset button-3

I started yesterday, doing some much-needed cleaning in the house and tackling my abs and core in a gruelling workout. As I was doing the latter I realized how my muscles had weakened in the four weeks I hadn’t done any strength training. Sad, but also good to know all those workouts had actually made me stronger, and I can get back to that if I refocus on those 30-minute strength training sessions.

What hasn’t slacked is my running. Somehow it is easier for me to keep that up, though I certainly ran less these last four weeks. That is partly due to the recovery period I had following my PB on the 12-km Round The Bridges run mid-November. But as I am attempting to reach my goal of running 2015 km in 2015, I couldn’t afford a total break from running.

Reset button-2.jpg

More daunting are the photo project I have in mind doing this month as well as crystallizing my goals for 2016 (in addition to taking some small steps towards realizing those goals). The latter especially is where I need to hit the reset button and get out of my comfort zone. When I look at the goals I set at the beginning of this year and even at my “mid-year review” it appears to me that I haven’t progressed much this year – apart from having a baby and learning to take care of her, which, of course, is not a small achievement.

So, here it is. Now I only need to find out the “how”. Any tips?


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