Rolling, teething, crawling

When your baby decides she is old enough to do just two 45-minute sleeps during the day, there is not much time left to do everything you were planning to: tidy up the apartment, laundry, cook, perhaps do some baking and, of course, write blog posts. Hence my absenteeism last week, apart from this post.

Rolling, teething, crawling-1

Photo credit: Ielse Broeksteeg

I often hear that sleep regressions are related to developmental milestones, and I could definitely see a link this past week. After more than a month of rolling only once a week or so, Maria finally got the hang of it last Tuesday and kept on rolling and rolling all day long. For a few days she was able to roll from back to front but then not able to roll back, and this caused some frustration. A couple of days later, however, she rolled back and now she is all over the place. What’s worse, she got so excited about her new skill she kept practicing whenever we put her down for a nap. Thinking Maria went asleep peacefully, our fancy baby monitor revealed she had rolled onto her tummy and ended up on the other side of the cot, looking for a way to break out.

Rolling, teething, crawling-4

As I mentioned in my previous baby update, Maria is teething like crazy! At six months, there was no sign of teething apart from the flushed cheeks and drooling, but that had been going on for months already. Just a few days later I noticed a sharp edge on her gum, and sure enough a tooth was on its way. Her second tooth has appeared now as well, and it is just the cutest look ever. How much the whole teething process is bothering her is difficult to say, but she was a lot clingier for a couple of days last week, and she bites on everything within reach. Other than that, she is mostly her happy self.

Look who's teething!

Look who’s teething! (Photo credit: Ahmed AlQassem)

The rolling has come with serious crawling attempts. It is incredible how much more mobile Maria has become in a very short time. The days that we could put her down on a rug in the living room and do our own stuff or even leave the room for a few minutes has certainly passed. She is exploring the world, and sure enough, the things we don’t want her to play with – our cell phones, laptops, some documents I recently received and left in the living room – are the most interesting. Taking them away from her often results in an upset baby. I wonder how we’re going to survive toddlerhood…!

Rolling, teething, crawling-3


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