Life With My Baby: Week 27 & 28

We have this fancy baby monitor, with colorful lights and music tunes and a thermometer. It connects through WiFi with an app on our phones, so that we can watch Maria wherever we are. It notifies us when Maria cries, or when she is on the move.

Maria on the move

Maria on the move

So far, we hadn’t used it much. Or I should say hadn’t used it at all. (Ahmed did, because he just loves technology.) I thought we would never really need it. We live in a small apartment and we wouldn’t both leave home even if we had the baby monitor on. To be honest, it even bothered me to have more electronics in the house. More blinking lights. More electricity.

Life With My Baby Week 27-28-5

That is, until last week. The past 7 days saw its transformation from an awkward dust collector into a magic sleeping aid. The holy grail of the house. I think I would even bring it if we were going on a trip with Maria. It became an essential object to get Maria to sleep without a cry.

The secret? We think it is the blinking lights. They captivate her and hold her gaze until her eyelids get too heavy and she falls into a deep and peaceful sleep…

Maria's first night in her big girl's crib

Maria’s first night in her big girl’s crib

So far the fairytale, now back to reality. Which is not that different from the aforementioned story, except that the holy grail lost its magic last night. As with everything we tried – white noise, lullabies, Ahmed’s voice recording – they work for a while and right when we think we discovered the secret Maria will prove us we were wrong.

Not that I’m complaining. I think in general, things are going fine in the sleep department. It is still difficult to talk about a routine, but usually, Maria wakes only once at night for a feed – apart from the “dreamfeed” I give her at 10:30 p.m. During the day, she has at least one proper sleep most of the time. If she sleeps particularly well during the day, her night sleep may be a bit shorter and vice versa. Ahmed and I are tired, but not more tired than other parents with an infant, I assume.

Nowadays, Maria joins us for dinner in her high chair.

Nowadays, Maria joins us for dinner in her high chair.

While babies 6 months of age are often expected to sleep through the night I gave up on “sleep training”. Given how quickly my points of view change – a result of sleep deprivation perhaps – I may give it another try one day, but at the moment I believe Maria will sleep through some day. I rather feed her once a night than spending hours trying to settle an upset baby.

In news other than sleep – although the two are often related – Maria is currently teething! I didn’t suspect anything until another mother told me about her teething daughter. She couldn’t see anything but definitely felt something. Let’s see if I can feel something in Maria’s mouth, I thought, and I sure could! The following day I could see a little tooth coming up. And a few days later I saw that the second one was on its way too.

Life With My Baby Week 27-28-1

Maria is also becoming more and more talkative. She loves to talk and squeal. The more tired she gets the more expressive and louder she becomes, at which point her expressions slowly turn into agitated cries.

We recently started giving her solids again and she seems much more ready for them this time around. Constipation remains an issue though, so we are giving her only very small quantities and make sure she has a breastfeed before we offer her solids.

Look, Mommy! I can walk!

Look, Mommy, I can walk!

Last, but by no means least, Maria is on the move. The times that she stays at exactly the place we put her down are nearly over! It gets more challenging to give her some “diaper off time”, because she wriggles herself off the towel. And several times we found her on the other side of the bed after a nap. Funny story, we thought the baby monitor even notified us when Maria did a poo, because the screen shows a baby on its knees with wind behind it. It then occurred to us that the monitor, while sophisticated, probably wouldn’t be able to smell anything and that the icon meant that Maria had been moving. Oh well…

Story time with her friends

Story time with her friends

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