Loving Lately: Summer time, living mindfully and more

On this beautiful day – Isn’t it beautiful? It’s Monday, stormy and sleep deprivation is building up… – I thought it was time to remember all those little and big things I’m grateful for and loving lately.

1. Daylight saving

Coromandel Peninsula sunset

Sorry for those 90 percent of people living in the northern hemisphere, but we are currently enjoying increasing temperatures, blossoming trees and much more sunlight. Daylight saving time started at the end of September, and it is just lovely to have an extra hour of sunshine in the afternoon. If only it became a little less windy… Lately it has been stormy nearly every single day.

2. Cooking double portions

Cooking double portions

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually train with the local running group. We start around 5:30 p.m. and as soon as I am back it is time to put Maria to bed, leaving no time to cook. For the last few months, I have been cooking double portions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and it’s been working really well! It’s a great time- and stress-saver.

3. Maria eating solids

I love me some avocado!

Following a short break from solids, last Thursday Maria started having small amounts again. So far I have given her banana, pear, avocado and sweet potato, and she just loves it. She seems so much more ready for food now than when we first tried. She lost the tongue thrust (a sign that baby isn’t ready for solids yet) and eats much better. While it’s an exciting journey, I realize now more that “food is for fun until 1”. Or, as Dr. Harvey Karp from The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep words it: “Milk is still the nutritional powerhouse for your six-month-old. It is rich, complex, and fattening. Baby food, on the other hand, is what supermodels eat when they’re on a super strict diet – carrots, apples and peas.” I rest my case.

4. Mindful living


Since I added 10 points to my daily To-Do list last week in an attempt to stress less (Oh, the irony!) I have been trying to live more mindfully. Whenever I feel that I am stressing myself out I try to focus on my breath and redefine my priorities for the day. Or I ask myself whether I must do something or want to do it (and what happens if I don’t do it today) and the pressure disappears miraculously. I try to do one thing at a time and fully concentrate on just that. Lately, our nights have been a bit rough (teething, anyone?) and I try to accept that I’m getting less done in a day. To say the least, it is challenging to go with the flow, but it’s the only way to stay sane I figured.

5. Healthy ice cream

I am obsessed. I found this blog with plant-based recipes and the pictures of ice cream are blowing my socks off! To be honest, I have yet to try any of her recipes, but with summer around the corner one cannot have enough (semi-)healthy ice cream recipes bookmarked, right? If I try one I’ll let you know how it turned out.


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