Life With My Baby: Week 24

In unusual style, I’m giving another “Life With My Baby” update. I feel like so much has happened since last week’s immunization woes, and I would like to share this week’s high (and low-) lights.

Life with baby week 24-2

Immunization pains

Following last week’s post, we had a terrible night. We were unable to settle Maria, no matter what we tried: rocking her, nursing her, letting her cry for a while, patting her… We ended up taking her outside in the stroller at 11 p.m., but even that didn’t make her fall asleep, though she did calm down a bit. However, as soon as we were back home she started screaming again. At last, we took her in bed with us and at some point she must have fallen asleep. I don’t know whether we slept before she did or the other way around, but I woke up only when it was already light. Friday night was a bit rough as well, but ever since sleep has been good, especially during the day. At night, she keeps waking up every two to three hours. This has become the usual, but I am feeling quite determined to start working on it next week. I got a book from the library and also read some interesting articles about decreasing night-time feeds. I will let you know how it goes.

Ahmeds first birthday as a dad

An exciting event this week was Ahmeds first birthday as a dad! The night before we went out for a nice Mexican dinner, while on the day itself we celebrated at home with coffee and cake, gifts, and a home-cooked dinner. Maria’s gift was her footprints set in dough, which I baked in the oven for several hours. I think birthdays are getting so much more interesting with kids, even though Maria is too young to know what’s going on. I’m dreaming of the years to come and how much fun we’re (hopefully) gonna have!

Life with baby week 24-3

Life with baby week 24-4

Maria rolling over!

In fact, Maria’s real gift for Ahmed’s birthday was her rolling from back to front! I was giving her her daily massage when she was all wiggly and suddenly rolled on her tummy. We were both taken by surprise; I loved the expression on Maria’s face. Unfortunately, Ahmed missed it, as he was just on the phone in another room, and Maria hasn’t done it again ever since, so I’m starting to doubt whether it really happened or I just imagined it. Meanwhile, Ahmed is reluctant to add it to Maria’s “firsts and events” calendar, as he missed it. We’re both hoping she’ll do it again soon.

Solids update

I love me some avocado!

I love me some avocado!

In last week’s update I wrote that we had made a start with solids. At the time, she wasn’t very excited about it, though she did swallow some pureed carrot as well as banana. This week we continued and she’s started to like it I think. Today, I gave her a bit of avocado and she ate it all! For next week, I’m considering giving her some pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, and/or pear, depending what I have on hand. It’s a very exciting journey, this whole solids thing! Now if it made her sleep for longer stretches during the night…


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