Training Update August 24-30: Setting New Goals

I’m gonna be honest: After last week’s disappointing 10-km race my motivation to go out for a run – or do any type of workout, for that matter – plummeted. I had hoped for a great comeback, a time that would impress myself and others alike and would make me dream big.

Instead, my time was okay, not bad at all, but nothing close to my personal best. Whether it is due to low iron or just not totally being back in shape yet, I had to tell myself to move on and set new, more realistic goals for the months to come.

So instead of dreaming of smashing old PRs, I will have to work to get back to my pre-pregnancy running level. Hopefully, I will be able to do so by running four times a week. Meanwhile, I need to keep reminding myself of the goals I set at two months postpartum: to not only focus on running but get fitter overall by including some yoga and strength training. I’m pretty happy with how consistent I’ve been doing that, and hope I will reap the benefits in the months to come.

Here are my trainings and workouts from last week:

Monday: I jogged with Maria in the stroller to our weekly course and back, about 4.2 km, and decided to call it a “recovery run” after the 10-km race the previous day.

Tuesday: Hill training session with the running club. We had to sprint up a hill 12 times and recover on the way back. It was mentally challenging and I couldn’t give a hundred percent – as I said, my motivation had plummeted after the race. Despite that, I felt invigorated afterwards and enjoyed the training. I didn’t do any yoga or strength training today (nor yesterday) but figured a hill training would double as a strength session, right? Including warm up and cool down, this run was about 13.37 km.

Hill interval session with the running club

Hill interval session with the running club

Wednesday: A day off from running, but I did a 30-minute upper body and core video on YouTube.

Thursday: As Ahmed was on a two-week study break last week (and this week as well), we decided to rent a car and do a couple of day trips. On Wednesday we drove to Raglan for lunch and a stroll in the town, and today we headed to the Coromandel Peninsula. The weather was beautiful and the drive gorgeous. However, we arrived back home too late to go out running with the club, so I did a 20-minute leg session – think of different types of squats and lunges – that got me pretty sore.

Friday: Ahmed was away for the day, and I agreed to meet a friend at the Hamilton Gardens. I jogged to the gardens with Maria in the stroller and took a little D-tour on the way back. In total, I ran 11.07 km at an average pace of 5:32 min/km, but it didn’t come easy at all. Perhaps because of the leg workout the previous evening I felt tired the entire run. In the evening I did an abs workout.

Stroller run to Hamilton Gardens...

Stroller run to Hamilton Gardens…

... and back

… and back

Saturday: I planned to do another stroller run in the afternoon, but it didn’t happen because I met a friend and Maria had such a long afternoon nap (and I didn’t want to wake her up to go out)! Instead, I did a 30-minute ashtanga yoga intro class on YouTube in the evening.

Sunday: At last, I got out for a run again, and the weather was lovely! Spring is definitely in the air here: The trees are blossoming and there are flowers everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of it and ran 21.48 km at a pace of 5:24 min/km. After dinner, I figured some yoga for runners would be a good idea, so I did that as well to loosen up my legs and hips.

Lovely slow, long distance run on Sunday along the river

Lovely long distance run on Sunday along the river

Total: 50.1 km of running divided over 3 days, 3 strength training sessions and 2 yoga sessions. Although I would have liked a fourth run somewhere in there, I am happy with what I did.


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