August 17-23: An Accident

Yesterday I ran my first race post baby, around 4.5 months after having my little princess. It was a 10-km run in Cambridge, a small town some 25 minutes away by car. I’m excited to talk about it and show you some photos, but I will do a race recap in my next post. Here, I will talk about my runs and workouts of the entire week.

In all honesty, I didn’t have a great week in terms of workouts. Or, to be more precise, I am proud of the number of workouts I got in, but I didn’t enjoy them very much, especially the runs. I would say the reason is the broken nights we are currently having. The bottom was reached on Friday, when I had an accident while doing a stroller run. Fortunately, Maria was fine and I got away with some abrasions on hands and knees, but it certainly made my heart pound.

Let’s have a look at my runs and workouts from the past week.

Monday: I did my weekly walk to the baby course and back with Maria in the stroller, a total of 4 km. After Maria went down to bed, I created a 30-minute leg workout of three sets of six exercises, 15 repetitions each. Think of various kinds of lunges and squats. I finished off with some push ups and triceps dips.

Tuesday: My weekly interval run with the running club was short but tough. Following a warm up, we did four times 1000-m repeats, with a minute rest in between. A minute! That’s worse than no rest whatsoever, if you ask me. We were supposed to start in 5-km pace and do every repetition a bit faster, but I couldn’t keep up and ended slower than I started. I didn’t measure the exact paces, but I would estimate I ran somewhere between 4:10 and 4:20 min/km. Including warm up and cool down, I ran a total of 10.21 km that day.

Tuesday evening interval training with the running club

Tuesday evening interval training with the running club

Wednesday: I wasn’t planning to run today but ended up doing 12.37 km at a pace of 5:25 min/km with Maria in the stroller, because she was cranky and wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet this afternoon. I quote from my Runkeeper log: If GPS is accurate – which I highly doubt – this was a great run, though I hated every minute of it. Yep, that’s true: I cannot get used to running with a stroller, and I don’t enjoy it at all. The only thing I like about it is that it helps Maria to sleep and get some fresh air, but I struggle with the hills, the manoeuvring around other walkers, the disappointing paces (though I keep telling myself it is completely normal to be slower with the stroller than without) and the fact that I can’t seem to reach this runner’s high, perhaps because I feel slightly tensed the entire run. Of course the endorphins kick in once I’m back, but the stroller runs themselves remain hard. Once Maria was asleep that evening, I did some upper body and core exercises.

Unplanned stroller run with Maria around the lake.

Unplanned stroller run with Maria around the lake.

Thursday: Thursday late afternoons are for tempo runs with the running club, but due to exams and a meeting, Ahmed couldn’t be home on time for me to join the group. I did not mind too much, because considering the race I was going to run on Sunday I wanted to take it a bit easy anyways. Instead, I did a 30-minute ashtanga yoga session that evening.

Friday: The weather was gorgeous and I agreed to meet a friend and go for a walk with Maria and her dogs. However, since I hadn’t run on Thursday and I didn’t want to run on Saturday either, I figured I could squeeze in a stroller run before meeting her. Towards the end of the run, I was going downhill along the river when I tripped over a loose brick and fell straight on my hands and knees. As I was wearing the safety band on my wrist the stroller fell over as well, and Maria (obviously) began to cry out loud. I was terrified, got up and took her out of the stroller. While making sure she was fine she grinned cheerfully. What a relief! I realize it could have been much worse and I am not sure I want to go running again with her in the stroller. On Friday evening, I did a few ab exercises.

Saturday: Rest, although I walked a decent 6.8 km doing the weekly groceries.

My first race post baby!

My first race post baby!

Sunday: Today was the big day: My first 10-K race post baby. I will write a full race cap in my next post, but I can tell you I was quite disappointed with my result of 45:14, 1 minute and 45 seconds slower than the last 10-K I did when I was 5.5 months pregnant! I did finish second lady, however, so that is nice. At home, I did a 20-minute yoga practice for runners as far as I could with my hands and knees still hurting me from the fall.

Total: 48.5 km of running, 2 yoga sessions and 3 strength training sessions. I’m hoping to log some more miles this week, but I think this isn’t bad at all. Hopefully I’ll keep up with the strength training, because I really need it to improve my running.

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