Life With My Baby: Week 18 & 19

If you notice some grammar and spelling errors or a funny sentence in this post, don’t be surprised. I am slightly sleep deprived and not in the most energetic mood. Let me explain.

Guess who is causing this lack of sleep...

Guess who is causing this lack of sleep…

In my previous Life With My Baby update I wrote how Maria went into some sort of a four-month old sleep regression (if that even exists). Suddenly, she decided to wake up every 1,5 to 2 hours for a feed. I was hoping it would just be a couple of days before things returned to “normal”, but unfortunately that has not been the case.

Lots of tummy time is happening these days!

Lots of tummy time is happening these days!

It’s been two weeks now and although things didn’t remain as bad as they were those nights she woke up every couple of hours she is still waking up at least twice a night. That wouldn’t be that bad if she did not also wake up at 6 in the morning to start her talk show. She is becoming such a chatterbox!

Life With My Baby Week 18-19-3

Last night, for instance, I fed her around 10:45 p.m., as I usually do before we go to bed. She woke up three hours later, around 1:40 a.m. After that she slept for four hours straight – that’s a long time, these days, but when she got up for another feed at around 5:40 a.m. she didn’t go back to sleep. No, she decided it was time for her daily talk show! For me, barely 7 hours of sleep is not enough, especially when those hours include a nighttime feed.

Life With My Baby Week 18-19-8

The upside of shorter sleeps during the night is that Maria has been having great naps during the day, giving me the time to go out for a run even when Ahmed is busy studying and do all sorts of other things. I know it would be wise to take some naps with her, but I have been solving my sleep deprivation with an extra cup of coffee. Usually, I feel extremely tired in the afternoon, but by the time it’s evening I’m all right.

Life With My Baby Week 18-19-2

Having said that, we still hope Maria will go back to one feed – or no feed at all – during the night soon. We are also considering moving her to her own room. Ahmed is having a two-week “break” starting next week, and we are planning to finally buy Maria a cot and start transitioning her to her own room. Perhaps that will help us get some extra shut-eye in the mornings.

Life With My Baby Week 18-19-7

In other news, Maria is getting cuter and cuter by the day. We enjoy hearing her squealing, chatting and laughing. While she hasn’t rolled over yet – nor isn’t really making an attempt to do so any time soon – she loves being rolled over. She also enjoys it when we pull her by her arms to sit up straight and back on her back. Tummy time is becoming more and more enjoyable for her. I also try to read at least one book a day, and I think she is slowly getting used to that. In the beginning she wasn’t interested in books at all!

Ahmed showing Maria a family photo book

Ahmed showing Maria a family photo book

I still sing a lot to her, especially when I change her diaper or when I’m doing something in the kitchen and have her on the floor in the living room. Ahmed also sings his own invented songs to her, taking melodies from Dutch and English nursery rhymes.

Today is our last baby massage class, and we will do a full body massage, repeating all the strokes we learnt over the past four weeks. Every evening before Maria goes to bed I give her a massage. It is nice to spend that time and wind down together. Maria loves it, especially her legs and feet. She is not always happy to have her arms touched, but maybe she just needs some time to get used to that.

Life With My Baby Week 18-19-9

I’m sure there’s plenty of other stuff to write here, but I cannot think very clearly at the moment. If you have any tips on how to overcome sleep regressions, please let me know in the comments!


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