Weekly Runs & Workouts: July 27-Aug 2

My plan to keep up my mileage has already been smashed. No, I am not injured, but personal circumstances prevent me from sticking to the trainings I had hoped to do last and this week. I guess it’s all part of the juggling having a family comes with.

I am, nevertheless, not dissatisfied with last week’s runs and workouts. In fact, I had two very enjoyable runs with the running club on Tuesday and Thursday, and a much-faster-than-expected stroller run with Maria on Friday. That, in addition to some yoga and strength sessions, made it all in all a good week. We’ll see how this week goes, but let’s first look at last week’s workouts.

Monday: I was hoping to do a stroller run, but it was just not gonna happen. There were too many other things on my to-do list. Instead, I took 20 minutes to do the yoga practice for runners I had done before several times.

Doing some yoga with Maria next to me

Doing some yoga with Maria right next to me

Tuesday: I found a fun and short core routine for runners on YouTube and tried it out immediately. It took only five (!) minutes but felt quite effective and just the right level for me. (Except for the last exercise, which was a push up with a clap. Impossible for me!) In the evening, I did an interval training with the running club: After a warm up at an already intensive pace, we ran three 2-km intervals that included a hill. Our rest was hobbling down the hill. Total: 13.47 km at an average pace of 4:53 min/km (including warm up and cool down).

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Apart from a great and long tempo run with the running club, I did an upper body and core workout at home. I don’t have any dumbbells (yet), so I did those exercises that required dumbbells with a bottle of water. I think the workout would be more effective if I actually had some weights. Run total: 15.21 km at an average pace of 4:52 min/km (incl. warm up and cool down).

Thursday tempo run with the Hamilton City Hawks

Thursday tempo run with the Hamilton City Hawks

Friday: Still tired from Thursday’s tempo run, I thought I would do a recovery run with Maria in the stroller. Or actually, I wasn’t sure whether to go out or not for a run. But I laced up my shoes and went out, and boy was I happy I did! Sometimes it is best to start running with zero expectations, right? I ended up running 11.64 km at a steady pace of 5:31 min/km.

Great stroller run with Maria

Great stroller run with Maria

Saturday: Another rest day. I probably should have done some yoga, but I didn’t. Though I must add that I did walk 4.6 km to the vegetable store and back, as well as 2.2 km to the supermarket and back. A total of 6.8 km – not bad after all.

Sunday: I was hoping to do my long run and start a recovery week the day after, but it didn’t happen. To make up for it, I did an ab workout that I like pretty much. And one day later I can say the workout was rather effective!

Total: 40.3 km of running, three short strength workouts and one yoga session. I am very pleased with the number of strength workouts I got in last week, but would have liked to see one more run and another yoga session somewhere as well. Oh well, life isn’t perfect. We’ll see what the coming week without running will bring.


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