Weekly runs & workouts: July 13-19

I am writing this wrapped up under a blanket and surrounded by tissues. We’re in the midst of winter and I just caught my first cold. Great…

So, while I don’t expect much in the training department for this week, I thought I’d start sharing weekly running and workout logs with you to give some training ideas, share my trainings in preparation for some races and, even more importantly for me, hold myself accountable and make sure I don’t only log miles but also mix in some strength workouts and yoga sessions.

Before I give you an overview of last week’s trainings, let me tell you a funny story. The day after I turned 29 I went out for a run with Maria in the stroller. The weather was gorgeous and I headed to the lake. Apart from the difficulty of zigzagging between all the folks out for a stroll around the lake on this sunny day I just couldn’t run the same pace I had done at previous stroller runs. “You see,” I told myself, “I’m getting older and immediately notice a decline in fitness!” Of course I knew this wouldn’t manifest itself overnight and there had to be another explanation – I felt tired, had eaten a big lunch, perhaps my iron levels were low again – but the thought lingered in my mind.

Great lunch: carrot soup with tahini and chickpea croutons. Not the best pre-workout fuel though!

Great lunch: carrot soup with tahini and chickpea croutons. Not the best pre-workout fuel though!

The following day something occurred to me: When was the last time I had checked the tyres of the stroller? I knew I had never inflated them, and as soon as I was home I took a look. You guess it, they were very soft. So I pumped them up and have high expectations of my next stroller run, whenever that will be. I can already imagine myself flying around the lake! We shall see…

Back after a tiring stroller run

Who said stroller running was easy?

Back to business, here are my training details of the past week (Monday, July 13, to Sunday, July 19)

Monday: Steady stroller run in the afternoon. Total: 14.30 km in 5:51 min/km. This run felt very difficult. I thought it was because of the heavy lunch I had eaten, but I now think it was the tyres that needed some air.

Tuesday: Short home ab workout. This is a new workout I had never done before, which was very tough. I couldn’t really push myself and took (too) many breaks. Okay, I also smuggled a little during some of the exercises. Still felt sore the following day though.

Wednesday: Interval run in the late afternoon. 10 min warm up; 20 x 1 min fast and 1 min rest; 12:22 min cool down. Total: 11.92 km in 5:14 min/km (average pace including warm up and cool down). This was one of those days you don’t feel like going out at all, because the weather was cold and rainy, but I am happy I did, though I might have caught my cold during this run. For sure it didn’t help me get over the slightly sore throat and cough I was already having.

Back from a tough but good interval run

Back from a tough stroller run on Monday

Thursday: Steady run in the late afternoon/early evening with the Hamilton City Hawks. Total: 13.65 km in 4:55 min/km. Today was the first time I went out for a run with the local running club, and I am quite excited about joining this group. The reasons I joined them are both practical – it makes it possible for me to go out for a run in the evenings, when Ahmed can take care of Maria – and social – running with others (at least once or twice a week) is just much more fun and challenging. And challenging it certainly was! They told me they would run somewhere between 5:00 and 5:30 min/km, but we ended up doing 4:55 min/km (and that was including a warm up), all the while chatting and working hard to keep up with a nagging throat and slightly heavy chest. We started with seven (six ladies and one man) and I ended up with one other lady who seemed to be very focused and ambitious. I am sure this group will keep my trainings interesting and motivation high.

Friday: 20-minute yoga practice for runners. Something I aim to incorporate twice a week, this practice helps to keep muscles and ligaments flexible as well as work on a little bit of strength.

Saturday: rest

Doing push ups with a smiling Maria under me

Doing push ups on Thursday with a smiling Maria under me

Sunday: Long slow run in the afternoon along the river. Total: 18:60 km in 5:35 min/km. It went well, but I felt quite tired towards the end. Perhaps it was a bit too long considering this cold I am having (which got worse over the weekend).

Total: 58.5 km of running, one yoga session and one strength workout (plus some random push ups and core training with Maria throughout the week). I had no idea I ran so much; the highest mileage post baby! However, perhaps I should have slowed down a bit given that I felt a cold coming up. I also should have included some more strength and yoga sessions, two of my workout goals for the months to come. Somehow it is just difficult to motivate myself doing these things at home. Despite this, it was a great week in terms of workouts, though I will probably do a bit less this week, depending on how fast I recover from this cold.


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