3 Months Postpartum Back in Shape Update

This is most likely gonna be the last “Postpartum Back in Shape Update” because a) I have not many photos to show you and b) I think I am nearing my pre-pregnancy fitness level. Okay, the first one is not really a reason to stop these posts, but the second is. From here, I will just have to figure out the best way to combine my running and fitness goals with being a mom.

But, before I get to that, let’s see how this third month went.

My little girl is turning 3 months on Saturday!

My little girl is turning 3 months on Saturday!


June was, by far, the month in which I logged the highest mileage this year: 177 kilometers of running, compared to 151 km in January and much less during the other months. While there were times during my pregnancy I ran much more – 222 km in October and even 238 km in December last year, for example – given the time I have now and the fact that I am, at least in theory, still gradually building up the distance and intensity, I am very satisfied with this number.

And I am not only happy with the distance I covered; my pace is definitely at pre-pregnancy levels, although it is difficult to compare running outside in cool weather to my treadmill and desert runs in Jeddah. The heat does make it much more strenuous!

Long run on June 13

Long run on June 13

I was very lucky that Ahmed had a long period of exams and a semester break, so that he could stay with Maria and I could go out for a run whenever I felt like, which was mostly four times a week. I got in a good variety of interval runs, tempo runs, steady runs and long slow distance runs.

This Monday marks the start of his second semester at uni, which will be much heavier than the first, and so I will have to find other ways to get in my mileage. So far, I have done only two runs with Maria in the stroller, but these will probably happen more often in the weeks and months to come. Another option is to go out for a run when Ahmed comes back from university. I know this requires some more willpower, especially as long as the evenings are cold and dark, but I am thinking to join the local running group, who mostly train in the late afternoon or evening. It will be a nice way to get to know new people as well.

First stroller run with Maria

First stroller run with Maria

Yoga/strength training

In last month’s update I wrote that I would try to incorporate some workouts from home every week and focus in particular on yoga.

I have been doing ashtanga yoga with the help of some videos on YouTube (mainly this one and this one) as well as a yoga practice focused on runners. I like that these videos only take 20 to 30 minutes, so I can squeeze them easily into my day.

In the same update, I also wrote that I found a “Mums n Bubs” yoga class in Hamilton. I went there once with Maria, but she was not ready yet to be put on a blanket on the floor while I was doing my yoga poses, so I decided to wait a couple of months before going there again.

Although I enjoy doing yoga, I am not sure it is going to give me the strength I am hoping for, and I noticed I am very weak, especially in my arms and back. Lately, I have therefore been looking for other strength training workouts (such as this one), and I’ve been doing some bootcamp during my steady runs. My goal is to be able to do pull ups – 10 would be nice but even 1 would be already quite an achievement! – and the monkey bars in the park along the river are perfect to practice those.

Tempo run on July 6: 2 km warm up, 8 km tempo, 2 km cool down

Tempo run on July 6: 2 km warm up, 8 km tempo, 2 km cool down

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