Mid-Year Review

Doesn’t time just fly by? To me it does: I can hardly believe we already entered the second half of 2015. And as we did, I figured, why not do a little mid-year review to see how things are going and what I want to focus on during the rest of this year?

In the beginning of 2015, I jotted down a few goals. Some of them, such as taking care of the baby and improving this blog, are still relevant, while others lost their priority. Looking where I am now, I decided to divide my goals for the remainder of the year into several categories: blog, work, fitness, hobbies/skills, relationships.


Currently, I aim to write two posts a week, and overall I have been able to stick to this. A few months ago, I also asked your opinion about what direction to take (read the results here) with my blog. While I have not yet taken any steps to improve the blog (i.e. layout, name, posts about new topics), it is still in the back of my head, and I hope to work on this in the months to come. In fact, there are lots of things I would like to cover in this blog, including my favorite recipes and foods, fitness gear reviews, and other stuff I like. Perhaps I should commit myself to taking one small step each week to make sure I reach my goal by the end of this year.


In the past few years, I worked as a copy editor and journalist for two Saudi newspapers. While I’m still working freelance for Saudi Gazette, I haven’t written any articles since Maria’s birth. In the upcoming months, I would like to resume some work from home, either for Saudi Gazette or a local publication. We’ll see if this is gonna happen…


I’ll keep it short here, because I talk about my fitness goals in my postpartum back in shape updates. (If you haven’t read those, you can read my Postpartum Back in Shape Challenges, 1 Week Postpartum Back in Shape Update, 1 Month Postpartum Back in Shape update, and 2 Months Postpartum Back in Shape Update. My 3 months postpartum update will be on this blog soon.) Briefly, my goal is to throw in different types of workouts in the mix, focussing particularly on strength and flexibility. I also try to pay more attention to my diet and mainly to making sure I eat enough.


After a cooking rut in Jeddah, I found new inspiration and motivation when I moved to New Zealand. I’ve been trying some new recipes and improving existing ones. However, so far I have only written one food post. I hope to keep trying new things and blog more about them.


Maria’s birth brought me a completely new and wonderful relationship. However, life with a newborn is not always easy and does put strain on the existing ones, especially that with your partner. I am very happy with the support Ahmed gives me and how involved he is; however, we do disagree more often than before we were parents. There are just so many new issues coming up all the time! Add to that sleep deprivation as well as the insecurity that being a new parent brings along, and the result is often a snappy reply or a fight about nothing. During the second half of 2015, I hope to be more relaxed and improve my communication with the people around me.

Mid-Year Review-2

Happy New Mid-Year!

That is about it! Not sure how I am going to do all these things – I already feel I am running out of time. We will see how it goes, and what will be my priorities in the months to come. For now, I would love to know what your goals for 2015 were, how you have been doing, and what you would like to focus on during the second half of the year. For inspiration check out this article from Careerealism or this one from the Huffington Post.


3 thoughts on “Mid-Year Review

  1. Rania says:

    It’s really great to be organized and make plans for Successful future , for me since late last year I was planning to get a well-paid job , and i wanted my job , my daughter’s school , and my home to be in the same compound .
    There are more plans on a personal level , I am trying to achieve by end of this year .
    I wish you success in planning for the next months. 🙂

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