Life With My Baby: Week 10

In my previous post, I confessed a few things I am sometimes struggling with since being a mom. Many other moms told me they went or are going through the same things, which made me feel a bit less guilty about them.

Life with baby week 10-1

Another feel-good moment last week happened when the Plunket nurse visited us (Plunket is New Zealand’s largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5, as they describe themselves). Plunket has quite a bad reputation here, as they can be rather old-fashioned in their opinions and recommendations, and I had been a tad critical about them as well in a previous post. Apart from that incidence, “our” nurse has been incredibly supportive during her fortnightly visits. Last Tuesday, Maria had another check-up and the nurse concluded she had no worries at all about Maria’s health and wellbeing. Her weight gain is excellent (more than half a kilo in just two weeks!), her body looks strong and Maria was all smiles. I couldn’t help but feel proud of my beautiful daughter and of myself as well. Isn’t it amazing that a woman’s body produces all the nutrients our babies need the first six months?

Life with baby week 10-2

Cloth diapers

In totally unrelated news, we recently started using cloth diapers, and I am happy to report that after a rough start (read: leaks from head to toe) with some One Size Fits Most (clearly not all!) pocket diapers I found a brand that fits very well. We are using Bambino Mio diapers with cotton inserts full time now, and even at night they work fine. I recently ordered five Tots Bots Bamboozle diapers too, and I can’t wait to have them delivered and see how they work. I read many good reviews about them and they are fairly expensive (even second hand), so my expectations are high! They are made of bamboo, an ultra absorbing material. For the time being, cotton works well enough, but I am thinking in the future we may need something more absorbable! I am thinking to use the Tots Bots especially at night.

Life with baby week 10-4

The disadvantage about the Bambino Mio diapers we are using is that Maria will soon outgrow them and we will have to buy a bigger size. I am hoping the Bamboozle ones will last longer.

Lastly, I am considering trying some Alva Baby AI2 (All In 2) 4.0 cloth diapers. They are reasonably priced, have good reviews and should last from birth to potty. If anyone has experience with them I am happy to hear your feedback!

Life with baby week 10-3

Other news

We had some longer patches of sleep recently! Last night she almost slept through the night and woke up at 5:30 for a feed. It was a welcome change after having woken up every 2.5 to 3 hours the night before. I was already thinking that she was having another growth spurt, as she had also been a bit fuzzier the last few days. She has been crying quite a bit, especially when she gets tired. As soon as I put her down to sleep she starts screaming, but she isn’t very content in the sling either, though she always ends up falling asleep when I carry her with me. Growing up is not easy!

Week 10 life with baby

One thing we have been doing daily lately is give her some “diaper off time” to air her bum a little, and she loves to be without a diaper. The girl is a true naturist, I tell you! I think combining this time with her tummy time is a good way to make the latter a bit easier, as she doesn’t really like to lie on her tummy. It is also a good excuse for us to crank up the heater, as it is getting cold now some days. On the bright side, we survived yesterday, the shortest day of the year here. Can’t wait for spring to begin!


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