2 Months Postpartum Back in Shape Update

Yesterday, Maria turned two months, so time for a “Back in Shape” update!

As I wrote in a previous post, I went back to running six weeks and six days after Maria was born. At that time, I had been feeling ready to start running again for quite a while, but I decided to wait a bit for several reasons.


The first run didn’t go bad at all – hey, I could keep running for 10 kilometers at an average pace of 5:34 min/km! – but felt far from smooth. I just couldn’t find my rhythm, my lungs were burning, I felt incredibly hot, and my side was stitching. The days after I was pretty sore as well.

Coming back from my first run as a mum!

Coming back from my first run as a mum!

Hence, I said to myself I would take it easier during my second run, which happened two days after the first one. After all, I was still sore and didn’t want to get injured.

Keep on dreaming, taking it easy does not appear in my dictionary. Not only did I run faster (this time my average pace was 5:32 min/km), I also ran farther: no less than 13.84 km! Oh, well…

Second postpartum run

Second postpartum run

Luckily, my body quickly recovered from that second run, and ever since it has gone upward. Here are the runs I did after these first two:

  • June 4: 10.12 km steady run at a pace of 5:29 min/km;
  • June 6: 14.52 km long run at a pace of 5:44 min/km;
  • June 8: 12.49 km pyramid interval at a pace of 5:41 min/km (including warm up and down);
  • June 10: 11.02 km at a steady pace of 5:19 min/km.

The last few runs (and especially last Wednesday’s workout) felt great; running felt natural again! Is it too bold to believe it won’t take me long to be back at my pre-pregnancy level?

Great run at an average of 5:19 min/km

Great run at an average of 5:19 min/km

I also started thinking about my training goals. I would love to follow a training schedule and work towards a race again. My eyes are currently on the Hamilton Half Marathon on October 4. I am thinking this would be the ideal distance to build my endurance again, and after that (and with summer by then around the corner) I can perhaps focus on some shorter distances, like 10 and 5 km.


While I hope to keep my passion for running for the years to come and break some of my PBs, lately I have become increasingly interested in other forms of exercise as well. For several years I have been trying to incorporate some strength training in my workouts – i.e. push ups, squats, planks, lunges and even upper body part exercises –  but I have never really had the results I was hoping for. I think running is a great way to get in shape, but it’s also quite monotonous. Since going to the gym is not an option for the time being, I figured I wanted to do some workouts at home. During my pregnancy I attended antenatal yoga classes and I loved them! So I decided to look for some good YouTube yoga videos. I found a 20-minute post natal yoga class, as well as one specially designed for runners that I like, and a friend gave me a couple of links for Ashtanga yoga that I have yet to try, but that look very interesting. Apart from this, I found a yoga school in Hamilton that has a weekly “Mums n bubs” yoga class. Not sure what to expect of that, but gonna give it a try today!


5 thoughts on “2 Months Postpartum Back in Shape Update

  1. Rania says:

    i love your after run pic . it’s reminds me of how you always looks happy and not tired at all even after long run mashallah. and that was the most thing i liked about you and the first thing pulled my attention to you , and how your running and breathing are smooth . just like you’re walking on clouds ❤

    • Selma says:

      Haha that’s just perception! I definitely was tired after my first run. Things are going great now though. How are you doing? Any exercise going on at home?

      • Rania says:

        no , i no longer care about exercising as much as i used to , I lost a lot of muscle in my stomach , i find my self become more interested in reading and try to focus more on the future job , but i still enjoy walking outside some times and still like cycling , i want to get Fuji sportif road bike but i need to find away and a place first lol , ugh a woman in jeddah cant enjoy cycling !

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