Survey results!

Over a month ago I asked you to answer three small questions about my blog. I also promised I would get back to you with the results. I haven’t forgotten about that, but didn’t write a follow up as I got busy with my little girl, who was born on April 11, and all blog-related stuff has moved slightly to the background.

But read on for the results of the little survey I carried out. Before I show you them, let me thank those who took the time to answer the three questions. It really means a lot to me! And if you haven’t answered them and would like to do so, you still can! Just fill out these following questions. It will take less than a minute and is anonymous (unless you decide to write your name in the comment section, which is also fine).

The reason I asked you to answer these questions is that I have been thinking about the direction I want to go with my blog. In my post 3 Small Questions you can read why and when I started this blog and what has changed since then. My plan was to update the name, URL and layout of this blog during the third trimester of my pregnancy, but that didn’t exactly happen. So while it may take me some time now to carry out the changes I am planning for this blog, they will hopefully happen at some point this year!

Blog subjects

My first question was what subjects you like to read about most. I’ve been writing posts about travel, running and fitness in general, pregnancy and running during pregnancy, personal things, photography, and work as a journalist for a Saudi newspaper. I would like to keep writing about running and motherhood, with travel posts in between whenever I get the chance to travel within or outside New Zealand. Looking at the survey, most of you are mainly interested in “personal life” stories. Travel came second, followed by pregnancy and running. So I will keep writing updates about Maria, life in New Zealand, as well as my running and fitness adventures as a new mum.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.17.58

Blog name

I also suggested a few blog names. I started this blog calling it “Ashufik”, an Arabic word that means “I see you’. Now that I am not living in Saudi Arabia anymore, I thought it was time to change the name. I liked “On the Run”, but also realised it is not a unique name. There are probably tens if not hundreds of other blogs called like this. Ahmed suggested “Fit Around the World” and a third of respondents agreed with him. It captures what this blog is about: fitness and living in various places around the world. What I miss in this name is that it doesn’t say anything about motherhood, so I will give it another thought, but I do like the title.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.18.17

Future blog posts

My third and last question was an open one. I wanted to see what you would be interested in reading about, and if you perhaps had some good ideas for future blog posts. Not everyone answered this question, but among the ones who did, most said they would like to read more about parenthood, our life in New Zealand, and the running & baby combo. What surprised me was that many of you said they liked the variety of subjects I write about. I often think I have to limit my blog to one topic, but most of you seem not to agree with me. So I guess I’ll just continue doing what I have done so far, and hopefully I’ll keep you engaged with my stories about life “down under” and as a new mum who tries to combine motherhood with her passions for running, writing, travel and more!

Thanks for reading my blog, and please do let me know if you have any suggestions for blog posts, topics, names, etc.

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