Week 38: A big surprise

Where was I…?

It’s been a while I wrote about running during pregnancy. The last post I wrote on this topic was at the end of week 37, when I realised it was probably not a bad idea to start tapering for the big day.

Surprisingly, this time I did listen to my body and did not go for a single run during week 38. Obviously, I kept being active, with a power walk around the lake on Tuesday (6.58 km).

38 weeks pregnant!

38 weeks pregnant!

I was planning to do another walk on Thursday despite the rainy weather, but our appointment with the midwife got rescheduled and instead of us visiting her in the birth centre she came to our apartment, which left me no time to go out for a walk.

On Friday morning (10 April, I was 38 weeks and four days pregnant), I had a major energy burst. I gave the entire house a thorough clean, and after that I decided to go for a walk. Rain had been forecasted for the afternoon, and despite the approaching dark clouds I walked out of the door without anything but my cell phone in my hand with an almost flat battery. Within 10 minutes it started raining, and I had nowhere to put my phone to keep it dry. While trying to tuck it into my shorts it fell on the pavement. Ouch, a few ugly scratches were the result. I tried again and it stayed.

My last walk around Hamilton Lake at 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant

My last walk around Hamilton Lake at 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant

When I was at about the farthest point from home I got a call from Ahmed, who worriedly asked me where I was and whether I needed him to pick me up. He thought it wasn’t very smart of me to go out without money, rain jacket, and with an almost flat battery (and he was probably right), but I told him I was fine and ended the call, trying to keep my battery working for as long as possible in case of emergency.

I walked a total of 6.49 km and got home soaked but feeling fine. Soon after, I started having period-like cramps in my tummy, but I still had no idea that my sweet daughter would be born that night. She did, after an intense and very fast labour.

My little bundle of joy

My little bundle of joy

I am grateful that I got to have a very active and healthy pregnancy, and although I know it will take time for me (or should I say I will take my time?) to recover and get back to running again, I am confident I won’t have any difficulty getting my fitness back, because I never really lost it.

Maria is now 2.5 weeks, and we already enjoy hour-long walks together. Or, to be more precise, I enjoy the walks and Maria seems to enjoy sleeping in my sling.

To follow my fitness progress, check out my Postpartum Back in Shape updates!

Hamilton Lake

Hamilton Lake

My workouts during week 38 looked as follows:

Tuesday: 6.58 km (power walk)

Friday: 6.49 km (power walk)

Total: 13.1 km (walking)


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