Life With My Baby: Week 2

Note to self: Make more photos of my little girl. Time goes by so fast, and I don’t wanna look back and regret not documenting each stage Maria goes through. It’s incredible how fast babies change.

The first week with our little princess already went pretty well, apart from the (normal) self doubt during the first few days. The second week we have continued feeling quite confident, and slowly we are getting used to our life with a baby. I started getting dressed and wearing jewellery again, went back to cooking and did some household stuff (nothing too strenuous of course!); Ahmed went back to university, where he had exams this week.

A major breakthrough is that Maria slept in her own bassinet for the last two nights! In my previous post I wrote about how we had chosen to let Maria co-sleep with us, but we were always a bit scared of hurting her. The two nights she slept in her bassinet right next to me were quite good. I wake up as soon as she starts making hunger cues, and by the time she is done feeding she has already fallen back to sleep. The downside is that she has been making more trouble sleeping in her bassinet during the day. You win some you lose some, I guess.

Life with Baby Week 2-2

Physically, I’ve been feeling quite well. The other day a Dutch friend visited me, and we went out for a long walk – perhaps an hour or even a bit over. It was the first time I walked this far since giving birth, and I was carrying Maria in the sling all along the way. Luckily, I did not have pain or feel sore afterwards, though I did take a very good nap with her on my chest when I came home.

Talking about napping, I keep taking a nap or at least rest a bit every afternoon. My midwife says it helps to produce more milk, and I am enjoying these little snoozes with Maria next to me. The result is that I do not feel very sleep deprived. Ahmed says he feels sorry for me having to wake up so many times a night to feed her. He doesn’t know the blessing and happiness I feel to be able to nourish Maria and have her in my arms in the middle of the night!

Snoozing on the balcony!

Snoozing on the balcony!

While Maria has had some difficulty sleeping in her bassinet during the day, she sleeps very well whenever I carry her in the sling and go outside for a walk. I thought the secret was the rocky motion, but just now she was crying again and I took her to the balcony. The second I walked outside she was quiet. It seems she really enjoys all the noise from outside. I’m thinking now to move her bassinet to the balcony. What do you think? (Just kidding of course!)

Yesterday, the midwife came and weighed our little girl. Turned out she gained more than 400 grams since last week! She is becoming a big girl so fast! Soon, she will outgrow her newborn clothes… sniff…

2 thoughts on “Life With My Baby: Week 2

  1. Rania says:

    i think she looks like her father but her skin like yours
    mashallah you look very happy and healthy
    hey stay away from balcony
    lol i guess she used to enjoy noises while you were daily running when she was inside you so now she want the same environment 🙂

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