Week 35: A little growth spurt?

If I have to summarise in one word how I felt this last week it would be “hungry”! I am quite sure the baby has had a little growth spurt, because no matter how much I ate throughout the day I would often wake up at night with a rumbling stomach. Needless to say, the only way to quieten it and go back to sleep would be to loot the kitchen.

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant

Apart from my exploding belly, the other reason I think baby has been preparing for life outside the womb with some extra inches and fat reserve is that I have been feeling more tired this week. Eight hours of sleep just don’t seem to do the trick anymore!

Despite this, sleep has been hit and miss. On some days I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, only to wake up after eight hours of deep sleep; on others, I keep thinking and thinking or – worse – I wake up at 4 a.m. finding myself unable to get back to sleep. I guess it’s all normal third trimester stuff.

On the running front, I have made a little progress! Following the loooong jog-walk at the end of week 34 (10.27 km in total!) and only slight stiffness the day after (despite an active day trip to a natural reserve) I decided to take things up a notch and try a run without walk breaks. (Okay, the real reason was that my watch battery died so I did not have a proper way to see how many minutes I had been jogging or walking, but who cares?)


Sharing my happiness on Instagram

This continuous running went well the first couple of times; some pubic bone pain inevitably entered at the end of the third run, a rather fast run that I happily shared on Instagram; yesterday’s run, the fourth one of that week, was simply awful. It surprises me I can walk today! Although I must add, it was awful not only because I was in pain, but even more because I was actually too tired to go out for a run after an active day of going to the farmers’ market in addition to some other shopping. I simply need to realise that my energy levels aren’t that high anymore and if I go for a run I already use up half of my daily quota.

On the days I didn’t run, I tried to get in some activity by cycling to places or going for a walk. The weather has been nice and a bit cooler, which makes biking more enjoyable to me.

Valco Baby Matrix Stroller

Valco Baby Matrix Stroller

In related news, last week I finally bought a stroller that I can hopefully use for some light jogging as well. I say “light,” as I know it’s not a real running stroller. Those are very lightweight, minimalistic, and not so convenient for daily use. As I didn’t want to buy two strollers I went for this one, which I think is a good combination between a city stroller and a more sporty one. The huge discount I got on it aside, I like that it has large and pneumatic tyres (more comfortable for baby) and a front swivel wheel that can be locked as well. Both are a necessity if you want to run with it. I will definitely share my experience once I have tried it on a run, though that may not be any time soon.

Photo by Ahmed AlQassem

Photo by Ahmed AlQassem

My workouts during week 35 looked as follows:

Monday: 7.39 km (only running)

Wednesday: 7.83 km (only running)

Friday: 7.12 km (only running)

Sunday: 7.39 km (7 min jogging, 3 min walking)

Total: 29.7 km

2 thoughts on “Week 35: A little growth spurt?

  1. Rebekah says:

    I’m hoping to be cleared for running after my doctor appointment this week. With my first two boys I ran until 30 weeks and 20 weeks. I’m hoping to be able to get back into the swing of things with little difficulty and run until delivery. You’re inspiring me to keep up with things, thanks!

    • Selma says:

      That is great to hear, Rebekah! I hope your doctor will clear you for running. I think how long one can continue to run during pregnancy really differs from a person to another and even from one pregnancy to another! There were days in my seventh or even sixth and fifth months that I thought I was doing my last run because I felt so uncomfortable, but then I headed out a couple of days later and I felt I could run straight up until labour day! I thoroughly enjoy the good days and try not to feel upset about the bad days. Stepping outside the door is the achievement, not how fast I ran a certain day. Even if I can only walk I know I am doing something good for my body and baby. Keep me updated about how things are going for you!

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