Week 34: The Yo-Yo Effect

Following last week’s reality check I decided to just go with the flow and listen to my body better. Despite this approach, week 34 of my pregnancy was one of highs and lows.

The week started off nicely, with a friend coming over for tea. With two small children and the third on its way, she could give me some much-needed advice on what to buy for baby. Despite that, once I went shopping I felt completely overwhelmed with all the different types and prices of baby gear and ended up buying nothing! Is it just me struggling with this?

34 weeks pregnant!

34 weeks pregnant!

To make things worse, my stomach decided to not accept that evening’s dinner, and I spent half of the night awake with stomach cramps. Unsurprisingly, the following day I was exhausted and still not feeling well. At one point I was convinced baby was going to make its debut that day, because of all the contractions and cramping I felt!

By the afternoon, I was so bored of sitting at home that I decided to go out for a gentle jog-walk, and that actually made me feel better. I jog-walked a total of 7.06 km in a very decent pace.

Not a bad run after all. (Due to some GPS issues I drew the map manually after the run.)

Not a bad run after all. (Due to some GPS issues I drew the map manually after the run. Hence the steady pace!)

The rest of the week was OK, but insomnia kept lurking only to make its appearance on nights I desperately wanted a good sleep.

Meanwhile, my body and baby keep busy preparing themselves for labour, and one of the results has been an incredible pressure on my bladder. Even my midwife told me baby’s position was already quite low. I know! From time to time, when baby punches its head against my bladder I feel like I have a serious urinary infection. It is tempting to drink less water, but I know it is important to keep hydrating my body.

Despite the tiredness I’ve been feeling this week (and perhaps thanks to the few cat naps squeezed into some afternoons) my pelvic pain got less, and the few jog-walks I did were almost comfortable! Needless to say, that led to some exhilaration (i.e. a 10.27 km jog-walk) on Saturday and slight stiffness on Sunday, but it wasn’t too bad.

Photo by Ahmed AlQassem

Happy to be able to wear my husband’s running shirts, while some of my own stretchy shorts still fit pretty well. (Photo by Ahmed AlQassem)

All in all, I’m pretty glad how I feel at this stage. I am still quite fit, and although I notice I lost some strength in my arms, legs and core I don’t suffer from that many physical discomforts. I guess the emotional roller coaster I have been in this week is part of the third trimester and the uncertainty about what is lying ahead. That being said, I still think pregnancy has been among the most wonderful happenings in my life, and I am eagerly awaiting baby’s arrival into this world as well as life as a mom.

My workouts during week 34 looked as follows:

Tuesday: 7.06 km (3 min jogging, 2 min walking)

Wednesday: 3.45 km (brisk walk to university, back by bike)

Thursday: 7.44 km (3 min jogging, 2 min walking. Last few kms slightly longer jogging intervals)

Saturday: 10.27 km (5 min jogging, 2 min walking)

Total: 28.2 km (24.8 km jog-walks, 3.4 km brisk walking)

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