Week 33: A reality check

These last few days have given me a little wake up call: Baby could be here in 42 days! That is, if he* is patient enough to wait for his due date. He might as well come in 28 days, or perhaps even 14 days! I’ve been expecting – or should I say hoping? – him to be late, as is usually the case with firstborns, but he may be upto surprising his mom and dad and make an early debut!

The result is twofold: I have had some nights of insomnia, and I have finally started to prepare the baby room.

Baby seems to be still happy in there, but who knows for how long?

Baby seems to be still happy in there, but who knows for how long?

In terms of running and fitness, you could say I’ve had a reality check as well. While I started week 33 feeling terrific with the jog-walks I’ve being doing and perhaps losing my self-control just a wee bit, my body has put me back on planet earth by reminding me I’m pregnant and cannot work out as if nothing is going on.

Let me start from the beginning. On Monday I completed an 8.24 kilometer jog-walk of 6-min-running-4-min-walking repeats, which went great and even without toilet stop! I hardly had any pain in my hips or pelvis. I didn’t like the long walking stretches though, and so on Wednesday I halved the repeats to 3 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. Somehow, my average pace got below 6 min/km while doing a total of 9 kilometers! Despite the swift pace, I didn’t feel pain, so I started to think of my days of pelvic girdle pain as something long gone…

9-km run along Waikato River on Wednesday

9-km run along Waikato River on Wednesday

The following day, Ahmed proposed that I visited him during his lunch break at uni to see what’s going on there in week zero, a week full of fun activities for new students to get to know the university campus and meet other students. I walked briskly to the campus (3.43 km) and on the way back decided to run a few errands. I ended up walking 9.06 km in total in the middle of a hot and sunny day and arrived home feeling exhausted, dehydrated, stiff and in so much pain. Who said walking was more gentle on the joints than running?!

5.63-km walk from university back home while running some errands

Walk back from university home while running some errands (hence all the grey pins when I paused the app)

Although a little voice inside me said I should take the day after off from activity, on Friday I joined Ahmed for an interval run. We did only 4 km in total, but completed five 400 meter intervals in 2 minutes each (pace of 5 min/km). It was quite strenuous on my pubic bone, and I could hardly keep up with Ahmed.

I had a rest on Saturday and went for another run alone on Sunday, but it was awful! I could only jog very slowly and still I was in pain. Walking felt hardly any better with all the pressure on my pubic bone. In one of the pregnancy apps I have on my phone I read the explanation: Baby’s head is pushing against it. Ouch!

As if that is not enough, I have also been experiencing some pain in my left hip for several days when I wake up. I am trying to sleep on my left side, because that is what everyone recommends, but my body doesn’t seem to agree. And overall, it is getting more difficult to feel comfortable lying down, sitting, walking, or really doing anything.

Scenery still beautiful and green. I wonder what this will look like in autumn.

Scenery still beautiful and green. I wonder what this will look like in autumn.

On a more positive note and despite this reality check, I still love being pregnant and although I can’t wait to have our little one in my arms and take care of what for sure will be the cutest creature evah (in my unbiased opinion), I am savouring this period of having the baby so close with me all the time – in addition to good sleep, a quiet house, very little laundry, plenty of me-time, and so many other things!

My workouts during week 33 looked as follows:

Monday: 8.24 km (6 min jogging, 4 min walking)

Wednesday: 9.00 km (3 min jogging, 2 min walking)

Thursday: 3.43 km + 5.63 km (brisk walking)

Friday: 4.01 km (400 meter interval, 2 min walking)

Sunday: 7.72 km (1 song jogging, 1 song walking)

Total: 38.1 km (29 km jogging, 9.1 km walking)

*I’m saying “he,” but baby could be a “she” as well. We haven’t found out the gender.

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