Week 32: Is labour like running a marathon?!

This has been an exciting week; baby decided to move its head down. Stuff’s getting real, as baby is getting ready for birth! The result is that I suddenly feel much bigger and there is even more pressure on my bladder, but all for a good cause. 🙂

Part of the river path had been closed since we moved here, but it was opened this week. Yeah!

Part of the river path had been closed since we moved here, but it was reopened this week. Yeah!

As I wrote in my previous post, last week I started doing jog-walks. This has felt pretty good, and so I have continued doing this for the past week. Thanks to this (and a few other changes perhaps, about which I am thinking to write a post soon) my pelvic girdle pain has diminished significantly. My hips are almost totally fine; however, the pain has somewhat shifted to the front of the pelvis. I am nevertheless optimistic that I will be able to continue doing my jog-walks, though I realise every time I set out that this may be the last time, which makes me appreciate and enjoy my runs even more.

Baby is getting bigger! Week 21 vs. week 32

Baby is getting bigger! Week 21 vs. week 32

The jog-walk workout I did in week 31 consisted of 1 km jogging and 1 km walking repeats. As I don’t like to do the same jog over and over (and I thought 1 km walking just takes too long) I decided to play a bit with the interval time. I did 5-min-jogging-5-min-walking repeats and 5-min-jogging-4-min-walking intervals. I know, I have to be mindful to not get carried away!

My watch thinks I should train harder...

My watch thinks I should train harder…

Though I was pretty content with my workouts this week – I went jog-walking four times and covered a total distance of 31.5 km – my watch was less excited. Week after week, it’s been advising me to train more. When it gives me my training results it keeps telling me “Fitness maintained”, which basically means I did not get worse, but I haven’t improved my fitness either. “Oh shut up, you stupid watch! Be happy I’m still working out at 32 weeks pregnant!” Increasing my weight almost weekly in the settings doesn’t help it to understand I’m doing great, either…

Anyone else feeling enslaved by “smart” devices (sport watches, fitness apps) that totally overlook your exercise achievements?

Getting ready for baby

Getting ready for baby

In related news, I have been getting ready for baby’s debut as well by reading several books about labor and infant care. It’s funny how these books contradict each other with some of their advices. I guess it will all come down to seeing what works best with our baby through trial and error.

I also visited my midwife, who told me more about the various stages of labour and compared it to running a marathon. While she meant to say that labour can take long, and getting too excited as soon as the first symptoms of labour appear will leave you exhausted by the time you need all the energy you have, it made me pretty exhilarated, thinking it will be an amazing experience if it is indeed like running a marathon!

My workouts during week 32 looked as follows:

Monday: 3.38 km + 3.42 km (5 min jogging, 5 min walking)

Wednesday: 8.32 km (5 min jogging, 5 min walking)

Friday: 9.03 km (5 min jogging, 4 min walking)

Saturday: 7.33 km (1 km jogging, 1 km walking)

Total: 31.5 km 


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