Running while pregnant – Weeks 28 & 29

As my pregnancy is progressing into the last trimester my runs are getting more interesting – or should I say more challenging? In any case, I thought it could be useful for other pregnant runners and anyone else interested to write fortnightly updates rather than waiting for the third trimester to finish and write a long post.

In my last post about running during pregnancy, I wrote that towards the end of the second trimester I started experiencing some hip pain and lack of motivation. I said to myself that it was maybe time to start cutting back on mileage. My runs in the previous few weeks had been around 10 to 12 kilometers on average and three trainings a week. I thought it might be better to do shorter runs (around 6 km) four times a week.

Going to my first antenatal yoga class at 28 weeks pregnant.

Going to my first antenatal yoga class at 28 weeks pregnant.

My concerns were confirmed by my yoga instructor, who advised me to cut back on running in the third trimester, saying that running is quite tough on the pelvic floor muscles towards the end of pregnancy. She added that I could do other forms of cardio, such as spinning or rowing, to maintain my fitness.

The thing is, I enjoy running so much it is not easy to give up, and I have no access to spinning or rowing classes at the moment. After some research on Internet, I decided to keep running and just listen to my body.

28 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

At the same time, Ahmed decided to take up running again and asked me to help him. I figured it might be the perfect way to slow down a bit and continue running. So in the last 1.5 weeks, we have been doing some interval trainings together. Usually, I continue running on my own after Ahmed has finished to up my mileage and pace a bit. So far, I have not been able to convince myself to do shorter runs!

4-km interval training with Ahmed, followed by a run along the river.

4-km interval training with Ahmed around the lake, followed by a solo run along the river.

Other times I went out for a run alone, such as this training at 29 weeks pregnant:

13.24-km run along the river at 29 weeks pregnant.

13.24-km run along the river at 29 weeks pregnant.

In summary, my runs during these weeks looked like this:

Week 28

Tuesday: 10.12 km

Friday: 10.45 km

Saturday: 12.07 km

Total: 32.6 km

Week 29

Monday: 11.93 km

Wednesday: 13.24 km

Friday: 11.43 km

Sunday: 10.34 km

Total: 46.9 km

29 Weeks pregnant

29 Weeks pregnant

I also ordered a maternity support belt to take some pressure of my hips and bladder while running. In the post about weeks 30 & 31 I will tell more about it!


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