If I was a rich girl… (part 3/3)

While the memory of the unforgettable media trip paradoxically begins to fade and look like a thing that happened far in the past I will not let it vanish before I finish writing down these memoires.


The third and last destination on the list is Lausanne, the only French-speaking city we visit in Switzerland. The moment I get off the train I feel a totally different vibe. The city feels a little less organized, slightly chaotic even for a Swiss town; people look younger and a bit more relaxed; and the town is very hilly – the streets are much steeper than in Bern and Zürich, although those towns were surrounded by mountains as well.

The hotel we stay at, Lausanne Palace & Spa, is nice, but not impressive. Following our stay at the Dolder Grand in Zürich and the Bellevue Palace in Bern, it is difficult to feel excited about any hotel, no matter how comfortable and exquisite. In these last few days I have become a spoiled rich girl, I realize.

Before going for dinner – the last with our guide, who will return to Zürich that evening – we get some time off, which I enjoy in the hotel spa and swimming pool. Again, it’s nice, but I feel hardly impressed by the indoor pool, the sauna and steam bath, and the whirlpool.

Dinner at Jardin Coté

Dinner at the Jardin Coté restaurant is quite fancy though, and the hotel boasts of several other, even more exclusive, restaurants. That night we decide to explore the city’s night life, which is rather active for a Wednesday. We end up at a bar with nice music and are back at the hotel around 2 a.m.

The next morning we have to be ready at 9 for a guided tour through the city. Despite the drizzle, Lausanne is actually quite nice. Built on several hills, the city offers stunning views over the lake from many different places.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral with its famous organ

The Notre Dame Cathedral, built on one of the hilltops, is an impressive Gothic building. Its interior is equally interesting, filled with statues that have largely remained intact, a modern organ, and a beautiful rose window dating from the 13th century (only the central piece is not original).

Rose Window

The cathedral’s rose window dates from the 13th century.

Later that morning it is time for some much-needed flavonoids: we head to Durig, an organic and fair trade chocolatier. Here, we get to learn the secrets of how to create our own chocolate. We make our own decorations from white chocolate and choose our filling – cinnamon, chili, ginger, orange, toffee and ganache, among others. And, needless to say, we try various types of chocolate this tiny yet prestigious shop sells.

Chocolate vinegar

Chocolate vinegar is one of the chocolatey delicacies Durig Chocolatier sells.

Durig Chocolatier

The art of making chocolate.

Durig Chocolatier

My own chocolate creations. A little more practice is needed, I must confess…

Luckily, the weather clears up that afternoon, and I enjoy the boat trip after lunch to Cully.

A traditional steamer takes us to Cully.

A traditional steamer takes us to Cully.

On the way to and in Cully, we will see the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. The Lavaux Express, a touristy train, takes us from Cully up the imposing landscape and terraced vinyards, which date back to the 11th century.

Boat trip

On the way to Cully we pass picturesque villages.


Village with in the background the terraced vinyards.

The last evening we dine at Le Nomade, a trendy restaurant in the hip Flon area. I try a traditional Swiss dish made with dough and vegetables. I totally forgot to write down the name, but here’s a picture of how it looked:


The next morning – we have to check out and take the train to the airport – I finally get to enjoy the view from my room, as the weather had been pretty grey the previous days.


This Friday is a beautiful day, and it is very unfortunate I have to spend it all in the train, airport, and plane. It is like someone is trying to wake me up from my fairytale dream and drag me back into reality, which is, I conclude once I have landed at King Abdulaziz International Airport and reunited with the love of my life, not that bad. At all. Being – or at least living – like a rich girl is nice for a while, but, as the song by Gwen Stefani already says, “All the riches baby won’t mean anything […] your lovin’ is better than gold and I know.”


View over the Alps from the plane


7 thoughts on “If I was a rich girl… (part 3/3)

  1. Deya Bian says:

    Hola Selma, finalmente he leído la 3ra. parte de tu fantástico viaje jejejeje, estaba muy ocupada, me encanta leer tus artículos son muy interesantes y con mi imaginación me transporto a los lugares que visitas. Bien Hecho!!! Saludos!!

    Sorry to wrote in spanish, you need to practice :)) have a nice day!!


    • selmaroth says:

      Me alegra que escribas en español, porque como ya dices necesito practicar. Casi no hablo en castellano con nadie estos días y me extraña. Qué tal estás? Espero que ocupada con cosas buenas. Estoy contenta que te gustan mis artículos. Ojalá haya nuevo muy pronto. Un abrazo, Selma

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