If I was a rich girl… Zurich

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were a rich person? Last week I had the chance to discover just that during a trip to three cities in Switzerland: Zurich,Bern and Lausanne.

The Dolder Grand entrance

With two other journalists and a photographer, I went on a 6-day vacation business trip – or media tour – to the Swiss cities of Zürich, Bern, and Lausanne. The two days I spent at The Dolder Grand Hotel, the crème de la crème of luxurious hotels in Zürich, if not of the whole country, were unforgettable. I stayed in one of the Junior Suites, which had all amenities one can think of, such as a large bathtub, a shower with massage jets, a TV to manage all lights and curtains, and of course a magnificent panorama view over the city of Zürich and the adjacent lake.

The Dolder Grand Hotel room

Bathtub with an amazing view

Junior Suite view

The view from the Junior Suite was stunning!

The day after I arrived I wake up to a dark, cloudy sky and even some rain, but I decide nevertheless to go for a jog in the adjacent forest. The hotel staff, who are extremely friendly, gave me a map with three running tracks of 5, 7.1, and 10.8 km. I am tempted to go for the longest run, but have some difficulty finding the track and realize I might not have enough time, as I do not know how many hills I will encounter! I enjoy the run in the forest very much and jog a total of approximately 8 km (including the distance from the hotel to finding the track and from the track back to the hotel).

Breakfast is fenomenal. Of course there are the croissants and pastries one would expect, but there is also an assortment of whole wheat breads, fruits, cheeses, and egg dishes.

Hotel breakfast

Hotel breakfast 2

After breakfast we meet our guide, who will show us around in Zürich. The weather clears up and we have a lovely walk in the old town center.

Zürich town center

The day I am in Zürich the Knabenschiessen competition is held. It is a traditional target shooting competition held yearly on the second weekend of September. Hence all the Swiss flags.

Zürich river

Zürich river 2

We are extremely lucky to have the chance to spend the afternoon in the hotel spa, which covers 4,000 square meter and includes a steam sauna, dry sauna, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool and outdoor pools (warm and cold). A one-hour massage is the cherry on this afternoon cake, and completely revived we meet the hotel GM and have dinner with him.

Orchid and fruits

I love the beautiful orchid in my room!


Apart from the spa, this hotel is special because of all the art it houses. Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, and Salvador Dalí (on this picture) are just a few artists whose work is being displayed in this hotel.

In a few days part two of this trip to Switzerland!

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